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ZALOŽ FIRMU. Cutting a long story short. Exercise 1. BEFORE YOU WATCH. Have you ever thought about how a business product or service could be improved or have ideas for new kinds of businesses? Identify some new possibilities for companies.

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zalo firmu


Cutting a long story short

before you watch

Exercise 1


Have you ever thought about how a business product or service could be improved or have ideas for new kinds of businesses? Identify some new possibilities for companies.

What kinds of skills are important to have if you run your own business? Think about what kinds of interests, skills, or talents you have that would lend themselves to starting a new company. What kind of business would you be good at? What kind of business could you create?

What do you think it would take for a company to be successful today? Do you have friends or relatives who are in their own business? If so, what kind of businesses do they run? Discuss together.

What is your opinion? Is it a good idea to start a business with a family member or a friend? Think about the pros and cons of such a decision.



Exercise 2

Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?

  • ZaložFirmu is a limited company.
  • ZaložFirmu doesn’t charge its clients for the services they offer.
  • To be able to establish a company you need to have relevant qualifications.
  • Before your company gets registered, you need to deposit so called registered capital in the bank.
  • The last stage in the registration process is the Trade Licensing Office.
  • To establish a company in Tanzania is similarly difficult to establishing a company in the Czech Republic.
  • You can set up a company within 24 hours in the U.K.
  • The difficulties in Czech Republic for starting companies are related to the State wanting to monitor who is doing business and how they are conducting themselves in the market.

Exercise 3

Listen and fill in the gaps



Exercise 4

Match the English expressions with their Czech equivalent


Exercise 5


  • Identify companies that you like that offer certain products or services that you currently use or want to (music, clothes, electronics, computers, cars, clothes, restaurant, food, health services, games, films, Facebook, etc.) Discuss what you know about the company, what products or services of theirs you like and why you like them. Make notes.
  • What kinds of companies are represented? Is there a company that the majority of the class like? What do you think makes these businesses so popular? Identify qualities and features of their marketing, branding, advertising, and product line.

Exercise 5


  • Do you think that anyone can be successful in business? Why or why not? Discuss. Can business only be competitive or do you think that companies can be good partners for sustainability? Do you have any ideas about how you would like new businesses to function – i.e. as non-profits, market-based, service-based, consulting, political, environmental, international; Internet-based, etc. Discuss.
  • Are there businesses that you liked that are no longer operating? What kinds of mistakes have you observed that businesses make that may adversely impact their success? What are some of the lessons you have learned about the current business climate that you would want to plan for if you ran your own business?Discuss.

Exercise 6


In a small group, conduct some Internet research with the company formation website and use it for creating a Trade License application.

  • The speaker indicates that the process for company formation will be easier than it is now. Research what are the new requirements under the new law. How are the requirements different from what the speaker has outlined? Outline the new steps you will need to follow.
  • Look up the areas for Trade License application in CR. Using your previous discussions about new companies, new ideas, and new possibilities for business, identify an area you would like to develop into a mock Trade License application for a start-up company. Which Trade License would you seek and what would you need to do to prepare your documentation for its approval? How can the speaker’s website help you? Prepare a possible company profile and research its start-up through the company’s website. Present your findings to the rest of the class.