late gothic north n.
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Late gothic (north)

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Late gothic (north). Christine, Ashley, Sharon, Shechenah.

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Late gothic (north)

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late gothic north

Late gothic (north)

Christine, Ashley, Sharon, Shechenah


Jan van Eyck. Ghent Altarpiece (closed)*framing is attributed to his brother*for the illiterate, the altarpiece stood for the doctrines and narratives of the church *depicts the donors as pious individuals.*Grisaille (monochromatically painted to look like statues)


Jan van Eyck. Ghent Altarpiece (open) from St. Bavo Cathedral (Ghent, Belgium), completed 1432, oil on wood


Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy/ Ghent Altarpiece (a polyptych)/ depiction of God the Father


Images of the Blessed (Left to Right: Just Judges, Warriors of Christ, Holy Hermits, and Holy Pilgrims)


Jan van Eyck. The Virgin of Chancellor Nicolas Rolin,c. 1437, oil on panelthe Burgundian Netherlands/ Chancellor Nicolas Rolin/ lavish and luxurious scene


detailed landscape/ Treaty of Arras (Treaty of 1435, between King Charles VII of France and Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy. France and Burgundy reconciled. Philip recognized Charles as king of France and received the Somme towns. He was exempted from homage to the crown. Charles VII agreed to punish the murderers of Philip's father, Duke John of Burgundy. )


*The exquisite brocades, furs, and silks are shown in an extraordinarily lifelike and brilliant way confirming their reality, their tangibility.  *This picture hung in the choir of the now destroyed collegiate church of St. Donatian in Bruges, mirrors the real location. *Van derPaele would therefore have been able to see himself in the very place of his depicted vision and so "prove" to the world at large the reality of his divine experience.


Right: Jan van Eyck. Portrait of Margareta van Eyck, 1439, oil on woodBelow: Jan van Eyck. Portrait of Baudouin de Lannoy(detail), oil on wood