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Emma Norris

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Emma Norris. I am 15 years old and will be 16 when I visit America. I live with my Mum and Dad. I have an older brother who studies at Queen’s University Belfast but has his own flat.

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Emma Norris

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    1. Emma Norris • I am 15 years old and will be 16 when I visit America. I live with my Mum and Dad. I have an older brother who studies at Queen’s University Belfast but has his own flat. • My main interest is sport, mainly Gaelic Football, however I enjoy playing all sports. I love to play basketball but I don’t play for a team. I play Gaelic for my school, club and county which involves a minimum of 4 training sessionsor matches a week! • Music is a huge part of my life too. I play three instruments; clarinet, piano and a little guitar.I am a member of two orchestras, one in school and outside of school. • In school I enjoy the STEM subjects I study which are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. I also enjoy Business Studies and Spanish

    2. Niamh O’Hara • I am 15 years old and was born on the 24th May 1998. I live with my mum (Edel), my dad (Michael), my younger brother (Eoghan who is 13), and my two younger sisters, (Aisling who is 10 and Clodagh who is 4). I also have a dog called Gypsy who is small and very good tempered, and a hamster called Emily. • I have lots of hobbies, such as art and playing the violin, and enjoy volunteering for charities with my friends. I also play tag-rugby at school, but I am generally not very good at sports! In school, I really enjoy subjects like maths, science and art. • I have no medical conditions except for mild asthma.

    3. About Me Name: Jack McAlinden Age: 16 Family: Parents, 1 brother, 1 sister Allergies/Medical Conditions: Asthma Hobbies/ Interests: I enjoy sports as a hobby, my favourite being Rugby, which I play for Malone RFC and often watch my local team Ulster, their grounds being a few minutes from my house and our school. I also play tennis and do rowing and sailing, competing in the Ulster Championships this year. I also enjoy watching NFL, something you will be very familiar with! I also really enjoy music, and play guitar. Obviously, in doing this project I really enjoy STEM subjects, and currently take Maths, Further Maths and the three sciences for GCSE. I am a boy Scout and enjoy camping and many other outdoor pursuits. I am very interested in American Culture and lifestyle and was lucky enough to travel to New Jersey this summer, with my Scouts. I look forward to meeting you, experiencing your culture and working with you on an exciting and interesting STEM project! Thanks!

    4. John McGowan Age: 17 (at time of trip) • Hobbies: Football (soccer), drums, watching TV, running • Living setup: Mum, dad, younger brother and myself

    5. Louise McErlean • My name is Louise, I am 15 years old and I live in Belfast with my mum, dad and two younger brothers; Conor and Rory. • I study English, Maths, RE, Double Award Science, Irish, Business Studies, Home Economics and ICT at school. My favourite subjects are HE and chemistry. • I am not very sporty but outside of school I do Irish Dancing in my spare time for a couple of hours a week and I really enjoy it. • I love listening to music and my favourite artists are Arctic Monkeys and One Direction, but I do not play any musical instruments. • I am a very talkative person and I enjoy meeting up with my friends and making new friends. • In my spare time I also like reading, baking and watching TV.

    6. My name is Danielle McSorley. I am 15 years old and I live in Belfast with my family. My dad is called Declan, my mum is called Moira and I have a younger sister and brother called Clare and Joseph. I attend Aquinas Grammar school which is close to where I live. My favourite subjects are home economics, science and maths. When I am older I hope to pursue a career in chemistry or physics. I study speech and drama and I also do ballet. I am interested in space and the universe. I am very into music and listen to it all the time, I especially like rock, indie rock and alternative music.

    7. Myself • My name is Kathryn Browne • I'm 14 and I go to Aquinas grammar school • I enjoy Gaelic football and like to watch rugby • I study chemistry, physics, biology, technology, ad maths, Irish , English and religion • My favourite subject is technology because I enjoy building Lego and seeing how things work • I have a brother called Michael who is 16 and a sister called Anna who is 18 • I live right beside the school and 10 minutes away from the city centre of Belfast • I go to guides on a Wednesday night • I enjoy socialising on a weekend the photo on the left is my brother, sister and I • The picture on the right is me and my best friend Caiti who also is going on the trip we spend a lot of time together so it is good she got on! • I enjoy travelling and I have been to Italy, France, Spain, London, Scotland and now this is my first time in America!

    8. Caití Mulholland • I’m 15 and in fourth year • I live in Belfast a few minutes from Aquinas with my mum • I have 4 brothers and sisters but they’re all older than me and live on their own • I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two years • I play camogie for a local club • For GCSE I am studying English literature and language, maths, religion, additional maths, Irish, geography, biology, chemistry and physics • I like to go out a lot with my friends and spend time with my family • I spend a lot of time with my best friend Kathryn Browne and she also got on this exchange trip

    9. Eimear Magennis I’m 16 and my date of birth is 12/04/97. In school I study maths, physics, biology and art. I’m interested in art and cooking, I have a part time job in a café where I bake buns and desserts. I like playing sport and I play gaelic, camogie and tag rugby. I have an older brother and sister who are both in university in Glasgow. I also have a younger brother aged 12. We have a cat.

    10. Caitlín McNally, 04.06.97 16 Lives with: Mum Interests: Canoeing, Hiking and other outdoor activities, is a member of local scout group, Art, Design and Drama Enjoy law and politics as a pastime,take part in Bar mock trail competition. Hopes to study medicine or Marine biology at University. Plays hockey outside of school

    11. This is ME!! • My name is Niamh Cunningham and I am in year 11, this makes me 15 years old. • I am part of Scouts and I also volunteer there. • I run for an athletics team as it is the only sport that I can kinda do. • I like Meat if you are a veggie then we may have some issues. • I have a nut allergy, so sorry if you are peanut butter and jelly fan! • My Family are deranged! I have a little sister in Aquinas and a little brother aged 11 who drives me up the wall but who said that you could choose family! • I have Blonde, curly hair which can get VERY frizzy so my nickname is friz and I have green eyes. • Love my friends and I would travel the world and back for them! • I love smiling, I’m not always optimistic and sometimes I can make it seem like the world will end with my over dramatic attitude but I can always make people laugh with my clumsiness and blonde disease! • I have a dog called Mitch, he is a pudgy and fluffy west highland terrier. • I like reading but I’m not a person who would chose it over shopping. I like to read mysteries and action books and I HATE romances, this also applies for movies! • I love to listen to music, I would have died with boredom along time ago without it, and I like basically everything. I am mutual when it comes to one direction but I’d much rather prefer to listen to Avicii or bastille. • I am OBSESSED with converse, I love my high tops!! • This is about it, this describes as much as I could about me in a limited space but I promise you that even though I sound certifiably insane, I am very easy to get along with.

    12. My name is Orla Watt and I am 15 years old. • I play netball and basketball inside and outside of school and I also enjoy swimming, body-boarding, mountain biking, running and hiking. • I love to draw and paint etc. and I’m doing Art as one of my GCSEs. • I live with my mum, my dad and my two younger brothers called Conor (13), who also goes to Aquinas, and Eoin (10), who might be starting at Aquinas in September. • My favourite food is pizza and chocolate but I eat virtually anything except shellfish and brussel sprouts. • I am tall with brown hair and blue eyes and most people say I look like my mum. • My favourite place in the world is called Derrynane and it is an area on the coast of Co. Kerry. Me and my family go there every summer and camp for 3 weeks. • My favourite colour is blue and I haven’t got any pets but I really want a dog! I love reading and listening to music. • My dream is to travel the world as I haven’t been to many foreign countries and I have never been to America but I have been to Italy and Spain in the past. My family would often spend holidays in England because that’s where my dad’s family live.

    13. Hi, my name’s Ciaran Kearney.I don’t have many interests but what I do enjoy are; sports, such as football and Irish sports. I also enjoy watch many other sports such as American Football and BasketballI also enjoy a range of video games on which I play on my computer.In my house, there’s my sister, who’s 13 my mum and my dad. Thanks for reading (:

    14. Conor Morrow • I am 15 years old, I have blonde hair and Blue eyes, I have a 9 year old • brother, and a 11 year old sister, • My favourite colour is green • I live out side of Belfast in a village called Green island • I have a passion for engineering, technology and gadgets. I • like to keep fit and healthy so I run for north Belfast harriers and go kayaking as a personal hobby. I love going out with my friends and socializing, meeting new people • I love eating and cooking good food. My favourite is a Ribeye Steak, but I really don’t like peas and bananas • In my spare I time like to build and make things with Lego and other toys, I also play some computer games like minecraft and SimsCity • I am interested it a carer in Aeronautical engineering • In school I am part of the science club and used to be a part of the tech and f1 club • I play the guitar and piano (but not very well) • In school I am currently studding, technology, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Maths, English Language and English Literature and recreational PE, my favourite is ICT.

    15. Úna McIntyre • I am 15 years old • My hobbies are playing flute and Irish dancing • I have an older brother and 2 younger sisters • We have a dog and a rabbit • Outside school I like to go to the cinema and the city centre with my friends

    16. Albert Nicholson • I’m 16 years old and I go to Aquinas. In school I study physics and maths as well as many other subjects including art and music. I am very interested in music, I listen to lots of music and I play the piano. • I also play basketball for my school team and for my club Queens. I have visited MCCHS once before in October 2012 with the Aquinas basketball team. • I am a member of the Belfast community circus school where I learn lots of things from acrobatics to juggling and I’ve been going there for 6 years. • I live with my younger brother and sister and my parents who own a guest house that I work in at weekends.

    17. Eden Altura 17 year old whose hobbies include painting and reading. Fond of Frank Ocean's music and John Green's books. Interested in fashion and fitness. Weekly activities include the gym, tennis, movie marathons, food trips, and outfit shopping. Part of youth forum and aspiring a medical career and so is interested in any philosophical/ethical/medical discussions occasionally. I live with my mum and we travel frequently to different countries.

    18. My name is Eimear Cosgrave and I’m 17. • There are 6 people in my family: me, my mum, my dad, my two younger brothers, and my younger sister. We don’t have any pets. • I go to Fire Cadets and I used to go to scouts. • I really enjoy swimming , cycling, and skiing.

    19. Jack McPoland • I am 14 years old. • I hope to study Computer Science and to get a career in the IT industry. • I play hurling for Carryduff GAC. • I love gaming and listening to music. • When I am older I want to move to California. • And I really don’t like eggs!

    20. Luke DevlinAged: 15 I live with my mum, dad and younger brother, Ben Hobbies: Piano (grade 5) Football for carryduff colts fc Gaelic for carryduffgac Altar serving

    21. My bio: • Name: Emmet McLauglin • Age: 16 (17 during the trip) • Diet: I am a very fussy eater and my preferred meal would be chips/fries, I don’t like much other food. • Hobbies: I am very interested in basketball and the NBA

    22. My name is Jamie Corscadden, I am 17 years of age. My interests lie in IT and Engineering. I am Currently studying Maths, Physics, IT and Business Studies. In my free time I volunteer at a youth club, read, play tennis and guitar. I am completing the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and also the Pope John Paul ll Award.

    23. I’m Declan McCrory. I was born 29th May 1997 and I live with my mother, father and my two sisters aged 14 and 10. I also have an older brother who is in University in England. My main interests are in music and sciences.

    24. Nathan Kelly Subjects; Physics I.C.T Business Studies Sociology DOB: 11th September 1996 I live with my Mum, Dad and sister who is 19 years old. I am interested in sports such as football and Gaelic as well as video games.

    25. Michael McEvoy I am 17 years old I have two sisters and one brother But they are away at University I enjoy sports , and row competitively for my club I also enjoy computer science and want to become a computer programmer when I finish school.

    26. Hello my name is Jack Patience, born 25th June 1996, from Northern Ireland, I live with my sister aged 16, and mother and father, my interests are music, magic, sleeping, and long walks on the beach.

    27. Hi, my name is Luke Reihill and I’m 17. I have a brother and two dogs (I don’t know if that will be a problem). I have no allergies and I’m not picky. The subjects I currently do are Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Interests I guess are music and movies. Thanks for reading.