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Electronic workshop

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Electronic workshop. Lecture-5 Inductors and Transformers. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain email: imtiaz.hussain@faculty.muet.edu.pk URL : http://imtiazhussainkalwar.weebly.com/. Inductors. Generally - coil of conducting wire

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electronic workshop
Electronic workshop


Inductors and Transformers

Dr. Imtiaz Hussain

email: imtiaz.hussain@faculty.muet.edu.pk

URL :http://imtiazhussainkalwar.weebly.com/

  • Generally - coil of conducting wire
    • Usually wrapped around a solid core. If no core is used, then the inductor is said to have an ‘air core’.


Values specified in henries (H), millihenries (mH) and microhenries (μH).

Inductor can be fixed value or variable.

Fixed Value Inductor

Variable Inductor

inductor types

Inductor types

Molded inductor & air-wound inductor

Adjustable air-wound inductor

Ferrite core toroidal transformer

Air wound inductor

Iron powder toroidal inductor

inductor ratings

Inductor ratings

Wire gauge and physical size of the coil determine the current handling capacity.

Core material will have a temperature dependence.

Air is best, followed by iron powder, then ferrites.

inductor handling

Inductor handling

Inductors are not polarized and may be installed in either direction.

Mechanical stress due to lead bending should be minimized.

Inductors in timing or frequency determining circuits should be installed in a mechanically rigid fashion.

inductor applications
Inductor Applications
  • Speakers
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Resonant Circuits
task 1
  • An ideal inductor would exhibit zero resistance but a real inductor has some finite resistance.
  • Inductors which have become open will show infinite resistance, whereas shorted inductors will show a resistance of zero Ohms.
  • Take few resistors and check them for any faults.
  • A transformer is a device that uses a pair of coils/windings to manipulate AC voltage and current.
  • It uses the principle of mutual induction to either decrease or increase the voltage/current at its input.
  • The voltage/current at the output of the transformer is given by the following equation:
end of lecture 5
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