5 th sunday in ordinary time n.
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5 TH . Sunday in Ordinary Time

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5 TH . Sunday in Ordinary Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 TH . Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Gospel! Gives meaning to life. February 9, 2003. First Reading. "Vita brevis" Life is short. Job 7:1-7. JOB began to speak:. Humans are on earth The days pass swiftly Like a laborer…with no thoughts but his wages

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5 th sunday in ordinary time

5TH. Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospel!

Gives meaning

to life

February 9, 2003


First Reading

"Vita brevis"

Life is short

Job 7:1-7

job began to speak
JOB began to speak:
  • Humans are on earth
  • The days pass swiftly
    • Like a laborer…with no thoughts but his wages
    • Like a slave…longing for the shade of evening
months of delusion i have assigned to me
Months of delusionI have assigned to me
  • Lying in bed I wonder
    • When shall the day brake?
  • Restlessly I fret till twilight falls
  • My days have passed
    • Swifter than a weaver’s shuttle
    • And vanished leaving no hope behind

Remember that my life

is but a breath

and that my eyes

will never again see joy


Second Reading

1 Cor 9:16-23

Woe to me

if I do not preach the Gospel!

i am bound to do it
I am bound to do it!
  • I have been trusted this office
  • I will do it freely
  • I do not boast of preaching the Gospel

What is my reward?

make the GOSPEL known

announcing it



I am free,

but I have made myself


I made myself


"all things to all peaople"

to save "SOME" of them


this I do for the GOSPEL!

to have a share of it




in "one day"

Mc 1:29-39


From the synagogue to home

Simon's mother-in-low

was sick with fever.

Jesus took her by the hand.

The fever left her.

She began to wait on them.


That evening, after sunset

They brought to him all who were sick - possessed

The whole town was pressing around

He healed many

cast out many devils


He got up before daylight

went off to a lonely place

and prayed


Let us go elsewhere

to the nearby villages

to preach there too

that is why I CAME!