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Roof Restoration- A Treat for Your Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Roof Restoration- A Treat for Your Home

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Roof Restoration- A Treat for Your Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roof Restoration- A Treat for Your Home

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  1. Roof Restoration-A Treat for Your Home

  2. Introduction • Everyone dreams to own a house be it big enough or just fit to accommodate a small family of two or three members. • Though a normal house is a strong structure of concrete even though has to stand the test of time. • Like many other items of our use our house also needs a renovation with passage of time. • When it comes to renovating a house, generally painting the walls, repairing the wooden items, flooring and many such aspects are taken care which immediately catch our sight. But now roof restoration is also trending. • It is nothing but upgrading and rejuvenating an existing roof.

  3. Introduction • Roof is one the prime elements in any house which keeps us guarded from weather calamities and at the same time keep us comfortable. • Though all type of roofs can be restored, concrete tiles, metal tiles, pre painted steel and long run metal roofing are some of the types which are commonly restored.

  4. When and How It is Done? • Generally when the roof needs a repairing due to age related effects, a restoration work is carried out. • But now a days people are opting for roof restoration process for their house even if they are planning to give a new and attractive look to their old house. • Depending on the type of the roof, a restoration work is carried out. • For metal roofs or metal tiles, recoloring or re-coating of the metal surface is done in accordance with instructions or recommendations of the coating manufacturers. • Recoating is also apt for roofs having concrete tiles. The process helps in diminishing the effects of ageing or weathering of the surface of tiles.

  5. When and How It is Done? • Before carrying out the roof restoration work a repair check of all types of roofs is a must. • Any type of leaking or faulty taps must be repaired before restoration process because restoration does not guarantee fixing of leaks. • Similarly weathering caused due ageing of the roof needs changing of the affected area. Recoating such roofs will not give satisfactory results. • The restoration process involves general roof cleaning, its maintenance and removal of any organic growths like algae, lichens, moss etc. if these organic growths are not properly removed it can damage the metal surface of the roofs.

  6. Availability of Roof Restoration Services • As per latest trend most of the families are purchasing the property in suburbs which is far from the noise and pollution of an average city. • Frankston is one such sought after suburb which is just 41 kms away from the Melbourne. It is extended part of Melbourne towards South-East. • The local government has introduced many township schemes which are attracting a sizeable number of home buyers to Frankston. • Because of its natural beauty, people are tending towards Frankston for a peaceful living. • As a sprawling township, Frankston is well equipped with high quality and professional services concerning property constructions.

  7. Availability of Roof Restoration Services • These services are available at affordable price and comprises of services related to roof restorations as well. • Services include the cleaning of the roofs from any possible organic growth like lichens, moss etc., so that the roof may be free from fungus which may cause perishing of roofs. • Experienced services are available which suggest the latest and modern trends for roof restoration, super techniques and advices best products for the new look and appropriate maintenance of your dream house. • The services available are the best in the industry and are available with one solution for all your worries and needs related to roof restoration of your house in a timely and prompt way.

  8. Conclusion • Need more information about Roof Restoration for Your Home? • Get In Touch With Us: • • 0466 885 133(03) 9540 8865