effective features of red yeast rice powder n.
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Effective Features of Rhodiola Rosea Extract PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Features of Rhodiola Rosea Extract

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Effective Features of Rhodiola Rosea Extract - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Red Yeast Rice additionally called kojic rice is a conventional Chinese culinary and restorative item that is utilized to treat cholesterol levels and different afflictions. Red yeast rice powder will be a powder that has been matured by the monascus purpureus and red yeast rice. n

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Effective Features of Rhodiola Rosea Extract

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effective features of red yeast rice powder

Effective Features of Red Yeast Rice Powder and Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Red yeast rice powder fabricating process from aging yeast brought Monascus purpureus over

red rice, accessible as Red-dark colored to amaranth powder. Red yeast rice powder supplier

has been utilized by the Chinese for a long time as a nourishment additive, sustenance colorant,

flavor and fixing in rice wine. Red yeast rice

contains monacolin K, which has properties

fundamentally the same as those of the lovastatin.

Rhodiola rosea is the base of a cold plant that is as

a matter of first importance an adaptogen - a

substance that expands protection from physical

and mental pressure. Bolster sound pulse levels,

adjust glucose, bring down serum lipid levels,


cardiovascular wellbeing. Rhodiola Rosea extracts

salidroside powder has a normalizing impact. In

any case, Rhodiola does significantly more than that. Rhodiola Rosea extracts additionally

improves your inclination, center and physical vitality while decreasing tension. Enhance

absorption, advance ordinary cell development, and back off the maturing procedure.

Furthermore, the rundown of advantages goes on.





Effective features:

Rongsheng is an expert production line of herbal water

soluble Rhodiola rosea extract in China. Since red yeast rice

has numerous valuable capacities, such as bringing down the

cholesterol, decreasing blood lipid, diminishing circulatory

strain, lessening glucose, and enhancing the capacity of the

stomach related framework and the insusceptible framework,

it is generally utilized as a part of wellbeing sustenance,

homegrown meds, and customary Chinese medication as a

characteristic dietary supplement or natural supplement. Rhodiola Rosea Extract salidroside

powder is one of those uncommon and mysterious herbs that have such a significant number of

shifted benefits, you need to wonder about how Mother Nature could focus so much mending

power into a solitary plant. It can likewise help in the counteractive action of malignancy and

osteoporosis. Rhodiola Rosea Extract is broadly used to upgrade insusceptibility, oppose

despairing, and defer maturing and minimized skin.

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