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The Blueprint: 2013-2014

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Sign in as you arrive Complete the Do Now Complete at least 1 “praise post-it”. The Blueprint: 2013-2014. Ranson Middle, an International Baccalaureate World School. Do Now- Gallery Walk.

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the blueprint 2013 2014

Sign in as you arrive

  • Complete the Do Now
  • Complete at least 1 “praise post-it”

The Blueprint: 2013-2014

Ranson Middle, an International Baccalaureate World School

do now gallery walk
Do Now- Gallery Walk

Visit the posters around the room. Reflect on their meaning. React to the quote by writing on the poster. What does it mean? How does it apply to school turnaround? How does it apply to the work we are doing at Ranson IB?

  • Welcome & Norms
  • Reflecting on our Race
  • Blueprint for Success in 2013-2014
    • Aligned Staff
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Culture
    • System & Operations
  • Closure & Vision Setting
desired outcomes
Desired Outcomes
  • By the end of today’s retreat, the Ranson IB staff will:
    • Celebrate our work from the 2012-2013 school year
    • Reflect on our work from the 2012-2013 school year
    • Introduce new staff members and 2013-2014 staffing roster
    • Understand key initiatives that are on the blueprint for the 2013-2014 school year
    • Understand non-negotiables related to those key initiatives
    • Present goals for the 2013-2014 school year
working agreements
Working Agreements
  • Become and remain open to new ideas
  • Be fully engaged and present
  • Honor time agreements
  • Speak your truth respectfully
  • Share responsibility for the success of our work together
  • Silence/vibrate all technology
Our objective for this activity is to…

Analyze our academic and school culture grows and glows for Ranson IB Middle School during the 2012-2013 school year!

seating arrangements
Seating Arrangements:

Sit with your current grade level

6th 7th 8th

* Elective and Support Staff will be spread amongst grade levels


Group: Large Sticky Poster

Individual: Sticky Notes (Post-it Notes)

prompt reflect on this past school year

1. Write on 4 different sticky notes …

  • Glows
    • 2 for school culture
    • 2 for academic culture
  • Grows
    • 2 of the most urgent growth areas for our school culture
    • 2 of the most urgent growth areas for academic culture

2. Place your sticky note(s) on your respective grade level poster

3. Form group chairs into a circle around poster

Prompt: Reflect on this past school year

Role includes…

  • Asking teachers within their circle what topics they want to discuss first
  • Keeping discussion going or move on if the topic is dead
  • Keeping side conversations at a minimum
  • Choosing a topic that many teachers seem to be interested in or have questions about (possibly group similar stickies)
discussion rules friendly reminder for participants
Discussion Rules(Friendly reminder for participants):
  • Take turns: don’t talk over each other
  • Everyone participates
  • If you disagree, do it politely and respectfully
  • Speak to fellow teachers; not to facilitators
discussion opener
Discussion Opener…

What are our top glows and grows this year?

Think on multiple levels:

  • Whole school
  • Grade level
  • Team(s)
  • Certain groups of scholars
  • Particular scholar
  • Individual
conversational scaffolding
Conversational Scaffolding


  • Clarifying questions for teachers to ask of each other
  • Are you saying that…?
  • Can you further explain with some examples?

Allow for reasonable amounts of silence

  • Even if it makes everyone nervous
  • Eventuallysomeone will remember something he/she wants to discuss
defining school culture
Defining School Culture
  • School culture can be defined as:
  • the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which characterize a school” (Phillips, 1996, p. 1).
  • School culture is the shared experiences both in school and out of school (traditions and celebrations) that create a sense of community, family, and team membership. People in any healthy organization must have agreement on how to do things and what is worth doing. Staff stability and common goals permeate the school. Time is set aside for school-wide recognition of all school stakeholders. Common agreement on curricular and instructional components, as well as order and discipline, are established through consensus. Open and honest communication is encouraged and there is an abundance of humor and trust.Tangible support from leaders at the school and district levels is also present.
taking it to a new level core values
Taking it to a new level: Core Values
  • Respect:  Choosing to be considerate of your speech, your actions, and your interactions. 
  • Responsibility:  Choosing to take ownership of your choices and attitude, understanding how these impact your learning, and your community. 
  • Perseverance:  Choosing to keep a determined and optimistic spirit to accomplish a goal, even when it is really difficult. 
  • Citizenship:  Choosing to be a positive contributor to my community, understanding that we are all interconnected and it is our collective responsibility to improve our school and our world.
culture cadre focus
Culture Cadre Focus:
  • Norming school-wide expectations
  • Creating a sustainable incentive system to reward scholars consistently and fairly
  • Increasing student involvement
  • Building a true Ranson team among all adults in the building
but before we get there
But before we get there…
  • How can we take the pockets of success we’ve had this year and expand those experiences to become school wide victories?
  • Our heart and soul goal is to give our scholars a real shot at success—both academically AND socially.
let s be honest
Let’s be honest…

Who hasn’t thought:

  • “UGH—that’s the other teacher’s class. She needs to get it together.”
  • “I can only control what happens in my classroom. The rest is what it is!”
  • “Ranson’s all about these new initiatives. That doesn’t work here. Why create more for us to do?”
the good news
The good news!
  • We complain because we care. 
  • The cadre’s goal is to offer solutions to the things that have driven us crazy this year!
  • We want to work in an “I’ve got your back” kind of building amongst all adults – support staff, secretaries, administration & teachers
  • We want to build a TEAM—not a new club.
we need you
We need YOU!
  • Please feel free to offer feedback through your reflection on your sticky notes!
  • In August I’ll be sending out a Google Form that you can send us at any time to help shape how things look and feel at Ranson.
  • Come to a Cadre meeting
  • Email any person on the Cadre!

Based on the conversations you had...

Create Two New Stickies…

  • One for a “Grow” for school culture—how can we build a “I’ve got your back” team?
  • A Second for a “Glow”—let’s celebrate the little and not-so-little victories 
  • Add them to your original poster or nearby
gallery crawl
Gallery Crawl

Take time as the music plays to circulate and read the other grade levels’ posters.

When the music stops, please return to your base group.

2012 2013 ranson ib goals


2012-2013 Ranson IB Goals
  • By June 2013:
    • 70% of our scholars will be proficient as measured by End-of-Grade tests and Summative Assessments
    • 60% of our scholars will show positive growth on Common Interim Assessments
    • average OSS days per scholar will decrease from 2.47 to 2
    • average unexcused absences per scholar will decrease from 5.8 to 4.5
    • average absences per teacher will decrease from 9.7 to 6
goal by june 2013 average absences per teacher will decrease from 9 7 to 6
Goal: By June 2013, average absences per teacher will decrease from 9.7 to 6

Teacher Perfect


AARON Everett

Marilyn Giles


Please note: Absences do not include Annual Leave of Workshops

  • Goal: By June 2013, average absences per teacher will decrease from 9.7 to 6
goal by june 2013 average unexcused absences per scholar will decrease from 5 8 to 4 5
Goal: By June 2013, average unexcused absences per scholar will decrease from 5.8 to 4.5

Scholar Perfect


goal by june 2013 average oss days per scholar will decrease from 2 47 to 2
Goal: By June 2013, average OSS days per scholar will decrease from 2.47 to 2
  • This year, we started the year with a “hot list” of scholars who had 90% of the OSS days. There were 36 seventh & eight grade scholars on that list. (9 of the original group no longer attend Ranson IB)
  • Results
    • The average OSS days for this group decreased from 16 to 9 days.
    • 22/27 (81%) scholars decreased their OSS days. The most drastic was Anniyah Ball-Ward, who had 27 OSS days in 11-12 and had 0 days this school year!
    • 7 scholars did not receive a single day of OSS!!!!
academic goals


Academic Goals
  • 70% of our scholars will be proficient as measured by End-of-Grade tests and Summative Assessments
  • 60% of our scholars will show positive growth on Common Interim Assessments
i ready pre post data
I-Ready Pre & Post Data

666 of 745 6th and 7th grade ELA scholars were assessed.

leadership innovation
Leadership Innovation

Our greatest fear is that we are great beyond measure…

priorities in making staff assignments
Priorities in making Staff Assignments
  • Based on needs of scholars and providing their best chance at success and to reach our mission.
    • Teacher student achievement data
    • Successes from this year (& previous years if we have it)
  • Building strong PLCs
  • Building strong interdisciplinary teams
  • Minimizing the number of new teachers on a PLC/ team (new to Ranson IB and new to teaching)
teacher team structures to drive instructional improvement
Teacher Team Structures to drive Instructional Improvement
  • Each grade level will have Grade Level Chair(s) who will work collaboratively with the School Culture Cadre’ & GLAs to lead cultural initiatives and improvements for systems & operations
professional learning structures to drive instructional improvement
Professional Learning Structures to drive Instructional Improvement
  • Instructional Coaching Caseloads will begin in August to provide 100% of teachers with weekly feedback and observations
  • Emerging Leaders (current & alum) will be utilized to provide coaching through the coaching caseload model
  • We will utilize technology such as Google Docs to stay inter-connected with the work
  • Process for identifying PLC leads
welcome to ranson ib
Welcome to Ranson IB!
  • Veronica Talton, Chorus
  • Ensley Gilchrist, EC ELA Resource
  • Vera Woolard, Title I Coach
emerging leaders
Emerging Leaders
  • Allison Muriithi, PE/Health Teacher
  • Tara Anderson, Math 6 & Blended Learning Teacher
  • Colleen Rogers, EC 7 Teacher
  • Bobby Miles, Science 7
  • Molly Whelan, Math 7 & Blended Learning Teacher
  • Chastity Goodwin, EC 8 Teacher
  • Marcus Harrell, ELA 8 Teacher
  • Elizabeth Cox, Math 8 Teacher
  • This brings us to 16 ELP Alum and participants at Ranson IB!
  • 11-12 Bertrand, Howard, Thomas, Virella (4)
  • 12-13 Iyonmahan, A. Jackson, Osborne, Palmer, Robinson (4)
  • 13-14 8
13 14 instructional leadership team
13-14 Instructional Leadership Team
  • Vera Woolard, Title I Coach (SS, ELA, Humanities)
  • Thomas Kirkley, Title I Coach (Math 8, Sci, CTE)
  • Romain Bertrand, Multi-Classroom Leader Math 6 & 7
  • Shanniska Howard, Literacy Facilitator (SS, ELA)
  • Monica Palmer, EC Facilitator (EC, cross-content)
  • TBD, 6th GLA(cross-content)
  • Erica Jordan-Thomas, 7th GLA (cross-content)
  • TBD, 8th GLA (cross-content)
  • Alison Harris, Principal (cross-content)
directions for lunch
Directions for Lunch
  • Move to your 2013-2014 PLCs
  • At your tables, use the “table talk” questions to guide discussions
working lunch
Working Lunch
  • A Teacher is...
  • The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is . . .
  • If I could make one change in my work environment, it would be . . .
  • The most important factor affecting morale is ….
  • Testimonial Writing- Write a short testimony about the success of your year or a colleague.
l i f t way
L.I.F.T. Way
  • Our mission and vision is bigger than us as our work with Project L.I.F.T. seeks to close the achievement gap for students across the west corridor
  • We will align our work so that we are growing and building toward the the L.I.F.T. Way!
vision for instructional planning
Vision for Instructional Planning
  • Last year we took 1 ½ days to attempt to do some really hard work. This did not set us up for the best possible success.
  • Feedback showed that planning was a huge stressor for most staff
  • This affected our ability to be most effective and increase student achievement
  • Instructional planning is a skill and we want to support time in having time to develop this skill
begin with the end in mind
Begin with the end in mind
  • By the time we return in August 2013, all content area PLCs will have  Long-Term Plans and Assessments
    • A group of staff are going to YES Prep PD
    • A group of staff have been hired to work over the summer to create initial drafts of planning documents
    • Curriculum Planning Days have been scheduled to revise/ finalize planning documents
data driven instruction
Data-Driven Instruction
  • Four keys to quality DDI
school wide instructional expectations
School-wide Instructional Expectations
  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Mini-Lessons (15- 18 mins)
    • Interactive modeling of application of skill
    • Integrated word study/ academic vocabulary
  • Small/ Guided Groups
    • Developed based on data
    • Integrated word study/ academic vocabulary
  • Conferring
    • Intertwined throughout lesson
    • Anecdotal record keeping
  • Daily Exit Tickets
school wide instructional expectations1
School-wide Instructional Expectations
  • Mini Lesson-
  • Conferring-
hallmark instructional models
Hallmark Instructional Models
  • Opportunity Culture- Blended Learning Model is a framework for extending the impact of great teachers and meeting the targeted needs of scholars through a time-technology swap.
    • Romain Bertrand, MCL 2
    • Tara Anderson, Math 6 BLT
    • Molly Whelan, Math 7 BLT
hallmark instructional models1
Hallmark Instructional Models
  • Balanced Literacy is a comprehensive methodology that contains all of the components necessary to teach scholars to master written and oral communication. The components include a focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. It is important to note that Balanced Literacy is not a program. It cannot be purchased and it is not going away. It is a mindset shift in how we all become reading teachers first and then teach our content. School-wide efforts
did we fulfill our purpose

Ranson IB Advisory 2012-2013 Academic Year

Did we fulfill our purpose?

The purpose of the Advisory Program at Ranson IB Middle School is to build deep and meaningful relationships between scholars, teachers and parents enhance school culture, and provide academic and behavioral coaching and progress monitoring to all scholars.

2012 2013 advisory goals
2012-2013 Advisory Goals
  • 100% of advisors will communicate with parents/families at least 3 times a year.

Met_____ Not Met __ X___ Exceeded_____

  • 80% of scholars will rate advisory as beneficial to their academic success

Met_____ Not Met _____ Exceeded__X__

  • Advisory Leadership Cadre will offer 2 mini PDs and create a handbook/wiki

Met__X___ Not Met _____ Exceeded____

  • 80% of advisories will score a “Silver” proficient on the advisory rubric

Met_____ Not Met _____ Exceeded__X__

teacher survey results
Teacher Survey Results
  • 80% of teachers believe that the purpose of Advisory was clear and achievable
  • 100% of teachers believe that Advisory created an environment that allowedthemto build authentic relationships withtheir scholars beyond academics.
  • 70% of teachers believe that advisory was planned and organized effectively.
  • 80% of teachers would rate advisory at 3 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5.
at least one thing that i would change about the structure of advisory is
At least one thing that I would change about the structure of advisory is .....
  • On testing weeks i.e. Discovery Ed or EOG we do not need to hold advisory scholars who test on these days do not receive the full amount of time.
  • iii.    Not our first block classes, longer, at the end of the day.
  • iv.    Give students more leadership.
  • v.    the maximum amount of students in one advisory, it becomes less personal and looses purpose as it grows. Also, Wednesdays are always crazy after advisory.
  • vi.    ALL STAFF members with a group
  • vii.    This part of the Advisory purpose was not implemented/ addressed in a meaningful way- "provide academic and behavioral coaching and progress monitoring to all scholars." Teachers need PD and tools to do this well.
what will the advisory program look like next year
What will the Advisory Program look like next year?
  • 1. More Advisory Cadre members
  • 2. Possible change of day
  • 3. Long term curriculum available at the start of the year
  • 4. Student interest clubs/auxiliary groups
  • 5. Advisory VLOG
teacher input
Teacher Input
  • 1. If we changed the day of advisory, I would change it to…
  • 2. If we have student interest clubs, I am interested in advising _______ club. (If you are not interested in holding student clubs during advisory, please state this as well.)
calendaring expectations
Calendaring Expectations
  • By the start of the school year:
    • Staff will have an Assessment calendar and clear schedule for cycle of observation and coaching
    • Routine activities will be scheduled on the calendar around curriculum, instruction, and assessment:
      • Quarterly celebrations (Honor Roll/ Attendance)
      • Quarterly incentives (Academic/ Behavior)
      • Student interventions (Academic/ Behavior)
      • Field Trips
renovation impacts
Renovation Impacts
  • Anything that can happen, can and will happen!
  • Currently, I am being told that August 23rd will be our move in date!
    • We will prioritize safety, order, and a comfortable place to learn for the start of the year
    • I’ve already blocked off my schedule to open the building August 24- 25th
      • I will be recruiting volunteers to come in and help that weekend, and hope that you’ll recruit others as well!
    • I will be adjusting the workdays to work with our unique situation
2013 2014 ranson ib goals
2013-2014 Ranson IB Goals
  • By June 2014:
    • 70% of our scholars will be proficient as measured by End-of-Grade tests and Summative Assessments
    • 70% of our scholars will show positive growth on Common Interim Assessments
    • average OSS days per scholar will decrease from 2.06 to 1.5
    • average unexcused absences per scholar will decrease from 5.14 to 4
    • average absences per teacher will decrease from 8.2 to 6.5
poll everywhere
Poll Everywhere

As we enter the 2013-2014 school year, we find ourselves continuing on our journey to ensure that all scholars are successful. The road to success is always under construction. Today, you learned about the blueprint for our success for next school year. What excites you about next year? What is making your nervous/anxious?

Take 2 minutes to discuss with your PLC and make sure that your PLC responds. This means we should have at least 16 responses.

final table talk
Final Table Talk
  • Whose on your PLC & Interdisciplinary Team?
  • Share your personality shape.
    • Rectangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Squiggle
  • What’s one word that you’d like to describe your future PLC?
  • How will we communicate throughout the summer?
  • What is an area that each of us can focus on over the summer and bring back to the PLC?
keeping in touch over the summer
Keeping In Touch over the Summer
  • Ms. Harris, Ms. JT, Ms. Palmer, Mrs. Woolard & Mrs. Howard will be working at Statesville Road throughout the entire summer
  • Mr. Bertrand will be available from July 25th on
  • Share contact information with your PLC & Interdisciplinary Team members
  • Plan to attend Content Curriculum Planning Days
    • 7/10-7/11: Social Studies/ ELA/ Humanities (Foreign Language, AVID, REACH)/ Arts (Visual, Dance, Choral)
    • 8/5-8/6: Math/ Science/ PE-Health/ CTE/ EC