Mrs starr s 3 rd grade class
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Mrs. Starr’s 3 rd Grade Class. Welcome to Back to School Night!. Agenda. Teacher Introduction Classroom Expectations Class Schedule Nine Weeks Homework Grading Question & Answer Contact Information. A Little Bit About Me….

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Mrs starr s 3 rd grade class

Mrs. Starr’s3rd Grade Class

Welcome to Back to School Night!


  • Teacher Introduction

  • Classroom Expectations

  • Class Schedule

  • Nine Weeks

  • Homework

  • Grading

  • Question & Answer

  • Contact Information

A little bit about me
A Little Bit About Me…

  • Graduated from University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree from Marymount University in School Counseling.

  • Originally from Maryland and currently reside in Sterling.

  • 11th year teaching

  • Enjoy reading, lacrosse, running, hiking, cooking, baking and watching college basketball.

Classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations

  • Behavior:

  • Clip-Chart behavior system

    • Sticker Chart

  • Beans for positive table & class behavior.

  • Blue & Red Stars: whole class reward.

  • Students arrive promptly and begin morning work

  • Students are to stay on task and not disrupt the learning process

  • Students are responsible for their own behavior and expected to follow the school and class rules

  • Students will copy their homework in their agenda and hand in completed homework in a timely manner

Cce website
CCE Website

  • Visit the Creighton’s Corner website for information.

  • Schedule

  • Projects

  • Other important information.


Visit the 3 rd grade website
Visit the 3rd Grade Website!

Click on:

  • Amy Starr

  • Schedule

  • Sign-up for Conferences!


The first nine weeks


Place Value, Estimation/Rounding, Comparing

Inverse Relationships: Addition and Subtraction

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers



Line Plot, Bar Graph, Picture Graph/Interpreting Graphs


Scientific Investigation


Water Cycle

Natural Cycles (Sun, Earth, & Moon)

The First Nine Weeks

The first nine weeks cont d


Maps, Globes, & Communities




Use effective communication skills in group activities

Apply word-analysis skills when reading

Use strategies to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction materials

Read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction

Write descriptive paragraphs

Edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling

The First Nine Weeks (cont’d.)


  • Students will receive approximately 30 minutes of homework every night.

  • Students will be expected to read 15-20 minutes every night.

  • Students are expected to use their agendas daily.

  • Homework will be written for the week on Monday.

  • Mrs. Starr will check agenda daily and look for notes from parents.

  • Parental supervision of agenda use is strongly encouraged.

Grading things to know
Grading Things to know:

  • NG= Not Graded

  • Formative Assessments:

    • SOL objectives on Report Cards

    • I.e., Fractions on a Brainpop quiz indicates formative assessment

  • Summative assessments

    • SOL stamped onto it.

    • These contribute to the overall grade.

  • Diagnostic

    • Pre and Post testing to monitor learning and target areas for teaching.


Teachers will use the following grading scale for student work:

4– Outstanding/Extends

3 – Meets SOLs

2 – Progressing towards SOLs

1– Below Grade level SOLs

0– Not performing

Progress Indicators

4 = Exceeds Standard

3 = Meets Standard

2 = Progressing Towards Standard

1 = Below Standard

● = Denotes knowledge or skill not assessed at this time


Grading cont d
Grading work:(cont’d.)


Peanut nut free classroom
Peanut/Nut work: Free Classroom

  • LCPS policy states: “All students should be encouraged to eat healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables. Food containing allergens should not be consumed in classrooms of students with food allergies.”

  • LCPS policy states: “Proper hand-washing techniques by adults and students should be taught and reinforced before and after meals at the elementary level.”

  • Snack will be allowed provided that it is nut free and not made in a facility that processes nuts.

Class parties
Class Parties work:

  • LCPS policy states: “Only non-food treats will be allowed for birthday celebrations.”

  • Possible alternative treats:

    • Favorite book/game for classroom

    • Fun pencils, etc.

    • Come have lunch with your child in the cafeteria!

Contact information
Contact Information work:

  • Please feel free to contact me via:

    • Phone at Creighton’s Corner

      • (703) 957-4480

    • Letters sent in with your child in front pocket of their Yellow Homework Folder.

    • Notes written in their agenda.

    • Emails (the best way to contact me)

    • Remember that all dismissal changes need to me made through the Front office.

      • (703) 957-4480

Volunteers work:

  • Volunteers will be needed throughout the year!

  • Please complete your interest inventory in volunteering in our classroom.

    • Different volunteer opportunities are listed!

    • You can also contribute from home!

  • If you would like to be our room mother/father please let me know!

Question answer
Question & Answer work:

  • Please feel free to ask any questions that you have at this time.

Please sign up for a conference or to be on our class directory
Please sign-up for a conference work:or to be on our Class Directory!

  • Computers are available in the back or you can complete this process at home!

Fun language arts detail
Fun Language Arts detail…. work:

  • Students have started the “Niagara Falls” unit.

  • They gathered clues in their reading spiral today and theyhave not seen all of the pictures on the Whiteboard.

  • Writing: The students will be writing a persuasive argument about if they would or would not go over Niagara Falls in 1901.

  • The year is heavily stressed along with no modern technology.

  • FYI: Students will learn that it is currently against the law to go over Niagara Falls.

  • Annie Edson Taylor was the first person and woman to go over Niagara Falls in 1901.

    • She stated that no one should do it.

  • Look forward to hearing about it!