cvs for science and engineering phd students
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CVs for Science and Engineering PhD Students

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CVs for Science and Engineering PhD Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CVs for Science and Engineering PhD Students. What is a CV?. A detailed record of your previous experiences and qualifications? A showcase for your key achievements and skills? A slick piece of self-marketing?

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what is a cv
What is a CV?
  • A detailed record of your previous experiences and qualifications?
  • A showcase for your key achievements and skills?
  • A slick piece of self-marketing?
  • Relevant information which stops a recruiter thinking too hard about whether you could do the job
help yourself by helping the recruiter
Help yourself by helping the recruiter
  • They try to build up a picture of what you have done in specific situations...
  • that they can imagine what you might do in similar situations in the job
  • Your application is all they have
  • They don’t have much time to think about it
  • They are not going to indulge in any guess work which gives you the benefit of the doubt
cv layouts
CV layouts
  • Reverse chronological
  • Experience-focussed
  • Skills-focussed
the two golden rules
The two golden rules

The more relevant something is...

  • ...the more detail you can give and the more space you can take up
  • ...the easier to find you should make it
a few more guidelines
A few more guidelines
  • Maximum of 2 pages for the main CV
    • academic CV can include more detailed appendices including details of research, conferences, posters, publications, etc.
  • Reverse chronological
    • within each section
know the job
Know the job
  • What does the advert say?
  • What type of person are they seeking?
  • What skills and qualities would the ideal candidate possess?
  • How would those qualities be used in different situations in the job?
know yourself
Know yourself
  • Review your experiences (not just work)
  • Identify examples of situations which illustrate how you have used relevant skills and qualities
common mistakes most people make
Common mistakes most people make
  • Inconsistent, unhelpful and confusing layout and formatting
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Wasting space on unimportant stuff
  • Too much waffle and irrelevant info
  • Not enough useful detail
    • what you did, how you did it, how well
    • quantity, extent, quality, challenge, difficulty
    • achievements, outcomes, impact, success
mistakes academics make non academic jobs
Mistakes academics make (non-academic jobs)
  • Just focusing on the details of your research topic rather than your actions
  • Just focusing on technical achievements or skills
  • Too much technical/scientific jargon
  • Believing that anyone other than academics needs a list of all your publications or academic awards
presenting your evidence
Presenting your evidence
  • Think actionverbs
    • analysed, developed, evaluated, increased, initiated, implemented, led, liaised, organised, planned, presented, supervised, etc.
  • Think concrete quantities
    • “5,000 items”, “£50,000”, “team of twelve”
  • Think real-world results
    • “4 weeks before deadline”, “25% increase”, “excellent feedback”, “successful implementation”