by selena hearn and britteny mcdonald n.
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By: Selena Hearn And Britteny McDonald PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Selena Hearn And Britteny McDonald

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By: Selena Hearn And Britteny McDonald - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Selena Hearn And Britteny McDonald
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  1. By: Selena Hearn And Britteny McDonald

  2. Base Of The Problem • Kidnapping means when you take someone away without their guardians permission and consent. People Kidnap because they usually have financial problems and demand money if they ever want to see the victim. • Here are some other ideas for kidnapping: • Divorce • Terrorism • Revenge

  3. Solutions to Prevent Kidnapping But, not to worry there are ways to prevent kidnapping. At a child’s birth a chip could be placed inside the child but can be removed by surgery(for medical faults). The chip will have a GPS. This can result in finding kidnappers before they strike again. Parents who install this can receive a $20,000 college scholarship for the child. Also if an at home kidnapping is feared the government could supply home security systems. If someone pays for half the cost the government could pay the remaining cost.

  4. Who We Contacted… • We have contacted Vice President Joe Biden; • The Vice President is the chief of the senate’s • We have contacted the Vice President because In this state of issue we think this is a problem more suitable for the Vice President. Do to the fact that he controls the Senate and the senate controls the power to make laws.

  5. letter • Dear Mr. Joseph R. Biden Jr. • May we introduce ourselves. Our names are Selena Hearn and Britteny McDonald we are students of Seaford Middle School of Seaford School District in Sussex county Delaware. We would like to help you decrease the rate of kidnapping. So here is what we think. As you may know already Kidnapping is a serious problem in many countries. So to lower the rate we have come up with the idea to install a chip inside a child at birth. The chip is basically a GPS. With this idea we think that this can find a child safely, and catch the criminals before they strike again. • Also we think that the government should provide at home security systems, to prevent Kidnapping from the home. The parents should also have access to change the security code. Any parent who wishes to have any of these t2 ideas should pay for half the cost and the government can pay the other half. These idea’s are completely and 100% up to the parents. So people should not be forced into this. It is what they think is right for there child’s safety and the future of others. • Sincerely, • Selena Hearn • Britteny McDonald

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  7. More Picture’s… • These People where caught for kidnapping…

  8. Picture’s • These kids took 20 years to find…