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It was a nice bright night. The moon was shining but the puppy couldn‘t sleep. He kept hearing „Croak, croak, croak.“ He followed the strange sound, came to the pond, barked and suddenly everything became quiet.

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It was a nice bright night. The moon was shining but the puppy couldn‘t sleep. He kept hearing „Croak, croak, croak.“ He followed the strange sound, came to the pond, barked and suddenly everything became quiet.


The puppy came back into his kennel and he slept till daybreak. “I have to find out what that mystery is,” he thought and went to the pond.


While he was going to the pond, he saw a hen sitting on eggs. “Madam, did you hear the noise last night?” he asked. But the hen clucked: “I have other things to worry about. I’m sitting on my eggs, I’ll have small chickens.”


The puppy came to the pond and he saw strange small eggs in the water. “Wow,” he thought. “I’ll ask madam hen, she will surely know, what kind of eggs these are.”


He quickly ran to the hen. She was just getting up from the nest. Something was tapping in the eggs: „Knock, knock,“ and the chickens started to hatch from the eggs.


And suddenly there were five nice yellow chickens. The puppy immediately imagined, that five small doggies would hatch from the eggs in the pond. “I have got eggs too and I’ll brood small doggies,” he told the hen.


“Only I have eggs,” clucked the hen angrily and ran with the chickens to the pond. “But these aren’t eggs, they are something like grains,” she said scornfully.


“I‘ll have small doggies,“ thought the puppy to himself and in the moment he started to build a nest for his eggs.


Then the puppy sat on the eggs to warm them up. Suddenly, a fly flew by, she bit the puppy‘s nose, the puppy jumped up and ran after the fly.


When he came back to the nest, he was wondering: the eggs have small tails. The hen was also surprised and then she said: “They look like small fish.“


The fish were hungrily opening their mouths. “They might be hungry,“ thought the puppy and immediately ran to his kennel, where he had a slice of bread.


“Wow, they have a taste for it,” thought the puppy happily. Legs grew to the fish and so they wanted to go away from the nest. “No, no, no! You might get lost,” said the puppy and he covered them with a big leaf.


Straight away, he ran to the hen to tell her the news: They have already got four legs! So they will be dogs!


The puppy was almost crying. Frogs were jumping around and laughing from ear to ear. The hen victoriously walked away with her chickens and didn’t look back.


And as the puppy was sitting sadly near the pond, the frogs jumped to him. They were laughing, jumping around, frolicking and in a moment the puppy joined them.


Wow, and how they were jumping! Jumping to height, jumping to water. And the puppy with them! The hen was jealously watching them from afar, with open mouth.


The frogs were playing with the puppy, splashing, and splattering so they didn’t notice that the night came. “I have to go home,” said the puppy.


The puppy walked home and the frogs followed him. Then they jumped on the roof of the kennel and croaked him their song. “But it’s the strange music I heard last night,” the puppy smiled.


His frog kids were still singing their song to him. The puppy fell asleep and he had nice and playful dreams.



by Eliška Janeková