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Modern Planters for Luxury Spaces

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Modern Planters for Luxury Spaces - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FRP Planters- Adding the dash of colors to the spaces, these FRP Planters are light in weight and adds a different kind of charm to the surrounding in which they are placed.\n

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modern planters for luxury spaces

Modern Planters for Luxury Spaces

Designing and deciding the look for a luxury space is a thoughtful process that requires

everything so classy. Depending upon the individual choice, one may like to keep it

synchronized, and on the other hand, another person would prefer blending different

styles into one unique interior.

Whatever is the choice, the only thing that should be focused while choosing the décor

items for luxurious spaces is that the all-over look should come out as appealing as any

individual object kept for enhancing the beauty of the place.

Recognizing the fact that the décor primarily express the personality and the choice of

the beholder, we at Eco-Elegant design the planters that act as a focal point for the

visitors and adds a finishing touch to space all around.

Pulling out the entire look of the space together, the planters from Eco Elegant tend to

stand out because of their bright colors, thoughtful designs and the visual value to the

eyes of the visitors.

Variations of Stainless Steel and FRP Planters that you can include into your luxury

spaces are:

Stainless Steel Planters- Keeping everything simple yet presentable, these Stainless

Steel Planters are perfect when you want everything to be subtle all around. There are

mainly two types of Stainless Steel Planters that are:

planters without perforation these planters with

Planters without Perforation– These Planters with the touch of simplicity, can

be used both indoor and outdoor to add beautiful natural plants to the


Planters with Perforation- Allowing the light and air to enter easily to the plants,

these Perforated Planters are best to be used in the Outdoor Luxurious Spaces.

FRP Planters- Adding the dash of colors to the spaces, these FRP Planters are light in

weight and adds a different kind of charm to the surrounding in which they are placed.

Round Planter - These are lightweight, durable and do not need special storage.

These FRP Planters can handle any unexpected weather without the need for any

extra care.

Round Planter (Dual)– Giving us the contrasting look of both traditional and

contemporary décor items, these dual planters can withhold two different kinds

or so many of the same type of plants in them.

Square Planter – Allowing you to plant small trees or plants in them, these

square planters are the must-have planters’ option if you want the spaces to look

classy and beautiful.

Square Planter (Dual)– Bigger is always better, and so is the case with these Dual

Square Shaped Planters. Same as in the case of Round Dual Planters,they too can

hold more number of plants in them.

Round Planter (With SS Ring) - SS Ring over the colourful FRP Planters indeed

makes a great combination. You can add the shine of the stainless steel as well as

the charm of FRP Colored Options both at the same time with these Round

Planters with SS Ring at your luxurious Spaces.

So get ready to surround yourself with the planters that speaks for you. Embrace the

designs that make your place come alive and make you fall in love with them. To buy

visit today!