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Locker Locks Designer – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW PowerPoint Presentation
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Locker Locks Designer – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

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Locker Locks Designer – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For additional assistance in choosing the right lock for your locker type and location, contact our locker experts at Qi Locks. Let us help you find the match for your lock and locker needs.

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call 44 0 20 8906 6881

Call: +44 (0)20 8906 6881

Locker Locks Designer – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

One thing to consider, when designing a locker room, is whether locker locks are a necessity. Not every

locker requires a locker lock, and it’s important to know whether the lockers you’re ordering will require

locks before you decide on a design. Locks are an integral part of what makes ‘lockers’ actually function,

and choosing the right lock will have a lot to do with how smoothly users can interact with their lockers.

There are several different types of locks, all sold by two major sources in the lock industry; Master Lock

and Zephyr Lock.

Your choice of door latch will ultimately effect which lock options you have available that allow your

locker to securely close. Qi Locks offer recommendations for matching locker to latch but remember to

always consult your manufacturer when making the final decisions.

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Call: +44 (0)20 8906 6881

There are different types of locks:

Padlock -Master Lock

The U-shaped ‘shackle’ of this lock makes this padlock the most versatile since it's interchangeable with

every type of latch in the industry. This lock is also one of the least expensive options and still comes

with five different combination choices. If you’re concerned about security, padlocks are a natural

solution for any latch since only bolt cutters could conceivably remove them. While built-in locks are

rated as some of the most secure and convenient to use, they may never be quite as secure as a heavy

duty padlock like this one. Qi Locks offers Padlocks Designer in London.

Digital Locks

Often used for ADA, digital locks don’t require pinching and turning, and users can simply punch in a

number Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocksequence. These locks tend to run on the more expensive side

but have recently started to come down in price.

Day use locks, which reset at the end of each day, would allow users to choose each locker as needed

and select their own code. Biometric locks are another possible option in the near future, requiring a

unique fingerprint for entry. Other locks connect to mobile phones, sending messages to unlock lockers.

For now, these are mostly too expensive for schools, but in the future, who knows how we will gain

access to our homes, cars, and yes, our lockers.

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Call: +44 (0)20 8906 6881


Some of the unique locking features that were most important were:

ADA Compatibility -- We found that with the digital keypad lock, the ADA options weren’t

recommended, as they were not made as well and were prone to breaking. “Five percent of locks must

be ADA compliant, so this is an important function, and it was surprising to us how many manufacturers

had poor options,” Lucy said.

“The lock that we finally chose had incorporated an option that was just as functional for the ADA

compatible as the traditional version.”

Easy Power Options -- “We wanted long battery use or an easy-to-hardwire lock,” Lucy shared. You

don’t want the locks failing in the middle of the testing day. We chose one with a very common battery

that could be found at any store, and which had a backup system to open it up should the battery fail.”

Advanced Options -- Some of the more advanced locks that Lucy and her firm did not choose this time

were still very promising. Ones that could incorporate information from the student ID card, for

instance, used that data to open the locker and remember which one had been selected. Rather than

requiring students to remember a combination right before a big test—or even which locker held their

possessions—these options connected student to locker more seamlessly.

call 44 0 20 8906 6881 3

Call: +44 (0)20 8906 6881

We want to hear from you!

Qi Locks is a flexible company that has always been interested in ways to improve the way that lockers

are used to make them ever more beneficial for users. We’re always working towards improving on

solutions. Lockers, as with many things, may be evolving in a way that is different from the traditional

use, but there’s no need to think that the entire concept will be trashed. We’re ready to find solutions

that will work for many kinds businesses in the future.

For additional assistance in choosing the right lock for your locker type and location, contact our locker

experts at Qi Locks. Let us help you find the match for your lock and locker needs.

Feel free to call our office at +44 (0)20 8906 6881 or mail: , check out our website at .

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