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"What makes software development project UNsuccessful " PowerPoint Presentation
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"What makes software development project UNsuccessful "

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"What makes software development project UNsuccessful " - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Usually, you expect a high-quality product ready for end users, when applying \nto a software development company. But to accomplish a project on time, some companies \nmay shotcut testing activities. So after the code is implemented, there is a high possibility \nof bugs occurrence. Why does this happen?\nFocusing mainly on coding, a software development company runs a risk to estimate \nthe scope of testing, its lifecycle, and required means peripherally. \nBeing aware of software specifics, development and internal testing teams may \nprovide biased quality evaluation.\nTo learn how to ensure a high quality of developed software and minimize the risks \nof bug detection by end users after software release, attend the online webinar \nprepared by QATestLab Program Manager Ivanna Kyryk. Make assurance double sure!

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what makes

What makes

Ivanna Kyryk

QATestLab Program Manager

software development project




About me

5-year experience in management

experience in testing, marketing, sales,

business development

15+ active projects

team of more than 20 members

Like to travel and fond of learning

something new

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Quality is critical for software

In terms of current market conditions, a fast delivery of software that satisfies

the end users’ needs is a guarantee for business development.

© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Focus on software development

Applying to a software development

company, a customer expects a high-quality

product ready for end users.

But focusing on coding, software development

companies run a risk to estimate the scope of

testing, its lifecycle, and required means

peripherally that results in a buggy software.

© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Role of testing in software

development companies

A bug-free code as well as exhaustive

testing is a challenging task to fulfill.

In order to accomplish a project on time,

software development companies

shortcut activities and often these are the

testing ones.

© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Risks of testing by software vendor

• Omitting of testing stage

• Wrong estimates of testing

• Limited test coverage because of

tight timeframes

• Biased testing by internal QA


• No or lack of acceptance testing

before a release

• No software support

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Omitting of testing stage

Providing not full software development

lifecycle, software vendors

can omit a testing stage because of lack

of infrastructure, competence, and time


© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Wrong estimates of testing

Focusing on coding to provide a bug-

free code, software vendors run a

risk of preparing wrong estimates of

the required testing scope,

infrastructure, and timeframes, thus,

releasing a software of lower quality,

than planned or required.

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Limited test coverage

Striving to fulfill a project on time, software vendors are ready to shortcut

testing activities, thuswise, they provide a buggy code within defined


© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Biased testing by internal QA team

As an internal QA team is aware of the specifics of development procedure,

this affects on providing an objective and unbiased quality evaluation.

Constantly working with one and the same software, the team runs a risk to

get accustomed to its specific features and starts to omit bugs.

© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Omitting of acceptance testing

To ensure a successful release of a ready

software, acceptance testing is required. Basing

on defined acceptance criteria, it shows to make

sure the product meets all defined objectives.

Acceptance testing is called to decrease the

chance and severity of new issues and

regressions. On the basis of test results, a

customer is able to make a final decision on

software release.

© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



No software support

Despite being well-written, the ready

code may malfunction after its

implementation or because of integration

with third-party software.

In some cases, software vendor services

do not include post-release bug fixing,

and a customer faces additional

spendings to resolve the newly detected


© QATestLab. All rights reserved.



Independent testing helps to

ensure a high quality of

developed software and

minimize the risks of bug

detection by end users after

its release.

Testing makes assurance

double sure.

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