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dedicated qa team will it really screw up testing n.
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Dedicated QA Team: will it really screw up testing? PowerPoint Presentation
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Dedicated QA Team: will it really screw up testing?

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Dedicated QA Team: will it really screw up testing?
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Dedicated QA Team: will it really screw up testing?

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  1. Dedicated QA Team: will it really screw up testing? Dana Zhezdrina QATestLab Program Manager

  2. 2 About me 7-year experience in testing 3-year experience in program management Finished Executive Development Program "Project management for creative teams. Agile in actions" in kmbs Don’t like bugs and fond of dogs © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  3. 3 Dedicated QA Team Model as a Mark of Quality Independent testing ensures a proper verification of software quality. By striving to business omnitude, QA providers suffer from low competence and high spendings that cause the failure of product under test and company as well. The same with software houses. To get proper quality verification, companies follow a dedicated QA team model by engaging external testers as a part of in-house staff. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  4. 4 When to apply Dedicated Team model? ● ever-changing project requirements ● high project scalability ● no opportunity to manage and train in-house QA team ● minimization of QA costs ● long-term projects ● removal of risks connected with maintaining of QA department © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  5. 5 Dedicated Team vs Time & Material Model According to Time & Material model, collaboration between QA vendor and customer finishes after product release. This may cause unpredictable consequences, e.g. new bugs. Dedicated QA team is engaged throughout the whole project lifecycle and in post-production ensuring maintaining and updating of documentation due to project-specific knowledge. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  6. 6 Advantages of Dedicated QA Team ● customer’s full control of QA team ● defined budget with predictable costs ● flexibility of workload and scope ● tight collaboration with QA team ● QA team’s deep understanding of business goal ● skills and knowledge exchange between both teams © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  7. 7 Disadvantages of Dedicated QA Team ● inefficiency in short-term projects ● slower start ● less opportunities for QA team to develop outside the area ● customer’s active role in communication and management © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  8. 8 Stages of Dedicated QA Team Model ● customer specifies the requirements to QA specialists ● provider selects the tester whose skills and experience match the requirements ● customer may verify the competence of suggested QA experts ● QA team learns project specifics and objectives ● customer and QA team collaborate on a regular basis © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  9. 9 Does it take long to set up the right team? The time required for setting up QA team depends on the level of customer’s trust, requirements and expectations. Usually, it takes from several days up to several weeks. We recommend to start with 2-3 specialists and gradually expand the team as the project grows. By offering the option try-before-you-buy, you enable the customer to make sure whether the candidate suits his requirements. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  10. 10 Dedicated QA Team in Agile Environment In agile-based projects, dedicated QA team ensures continuity and possessing full knowledge of project specifics. They are engaged not only on the stage of testing but throughout the whole workflow. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  11. 11 Dedicated QA team in Scrum-based projects In case of Scrum-based projects, dedicated QA team is integrated into the Scrum team and closely cooperates with developers and designers. ● together with Product Owner QA team define acceptance criteria, non-functional requirements, etc. ● QA team prepares the estimations based on story points ● being a part of integrated team, QA experts closely work with developers and architeсtures © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  12. 12 Factors for success on Scrum-based projects ● Product Owner should involve QA team in story elaboration and prioritization ● developers should engage QA team in sprint planning and implementation ● QA Lead should enable the flexibility to testers in their activities ● QA team members should share skills and knowledge © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  13. 13 Dedicated team for security testing The security issues detected after the product release may drive away both customers and users. Being aware of security standards, dedicated QA team ensures effective penetration testing detecting system security vulnerabilities. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  14. 14 Dedicated team for performance testing In order to verify the system stability and high performance, QA team detects potential system bottleneck by designing and executing performance tests. Due to its experience, dedicated performance testing team ensures fast and effective quality assessment. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  15. 15 Contacts E-mail: Twitter: QATestLab Phone: +380 (44) 501-55-48 Web-site: Address: 154a, Borschagivska str., 03056, Kiev, Ukraine SkypeID: sales.qatestlab © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

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