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Eat Healthy 365

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Eat Healthy 365. Lisa Sharp-Gomez and Taylor Pond. Our Business. Mission, Vision, Goals, and Description. Our Business. We will host monthly , one hour, in-classroom cooking and nutrition lessons that are geared towards students in grades K-5 .

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Eat Healthy 365

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eat healthy 365
Eat Healthy 365

Lisa Sharp-Gomez and Taylor Pond

our business1
Our Business

We will host monthly, one hour, in-classroom cooking and nutrition lessons that are geared towards students in grades K-5.

These lessons are planned to supplement grade specific curriculum to provide an overall experience, which will enhance learning and increase understanding of good nutrition.


Our goal is to provide quality educational enhancement to elementary school students using hands on cooking experiences to increase awareness of good nutrition by working in conjunction with teachers to seamlessly integrate nutrition lessons into planned grade specific curricula.

our vision
Our Vision
  • We are registered dietitians and culinary professionals whose goal is to enhance elementary school classroom learning with hands on cooking experiences, giving the students the tools and motivation they need to make healthful eating decisions, and the resources to continue these habits through life.

Local Matters

sample curriculum
Sample Curriculum

From Cooking With Kids, a non-profit in Santa Fe, NM

nutrition information and connection to history class
Nutrition information and connection to History Class

Borrowed with Permission from Cooking with Kids

vegetable tasting
Vegetable Tasting

The curriculum for each lesson will include fruit and vegetable tastings

vocabulary lessons
Vocabulary Lessons

Each lesson will contain vocabulary pertinent to the lesson plan, to expand the students’ knowledge of foods

evaluating the program
Evaluating the Program
  • Eat Healthy 365 Survey
  • 1) Do you consider yourself to be healthy?
  • Yes     No
  • 2) Do you consider nutrition when choosing what to eat?
  • Yes     No
  • 3) Do you eat fruits and vegetables daily?
  • Yes     No
  • 4) Do you feel that you understand the benefits of eating a healthy diet?
  • Yes No
  • 5) Do you cook or help in the kitchen?
  • Yes     No
  • 6) Could your family members benefit from nutritional education?
  • Yes     No
  • 7)   What is one recommendation that you would make to the Eat Healthy 365 program?
  • _________________________
  • 8) What is your favorite vegetable?
  • _________________________

A survey will be used to assess the efficacy of our program and identify areas in need of improvement.

This survey will be give to students in 5th grade, before completing the program, and in 7th and 11th grade, after completing the program

Growth charts to find trends in overweight and obese students

income from grants and donations
Income from Grants and Donations

Grants and donations make up 16% of our income. This income is vital to our success.

Currently, we have received donations of $5,000.00 from generous donors. We have also been awarded various grants in the amount of $18,500.00. We are awaiting the award announcement for an additional $12,000.00 from Champions for Healthy Kids, A General Mills sponsored grant. These award will be used to purchase the equipment needed to support and grow this program.

champions for healthy kids
Champions for Healthy Kids
  • Champions for Healthy Kids has helped 1 million children since 2002
  • The program has distributed more than $5,000,000 to non-profit organizations
  • Eat Healthy 365 requests $12,000 from Champions for Healthy Kids
robert woods johnson foundation rwjf
Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
  • The program supports research on environmental and policy
  • strategies with strong potential to promote healthy eating
  • among children to prevent childhood obesity, especially among
  • lower-income and racial and ethnic populations at highest risk for
  • obesity.
  • Applications are due July 10th, 2013
  • Amount requested is $12,000 dollars
united way of butler county
United Way of Butler County
  • United Way of Butler County supports nonprofits through their grants, giving the businesses the resources they need to make positive changes in the community
  • The Grant Consortium has brought #13 million into Butler County since 2001
  • We will request $4000 from United Way of Butler County
  • Eat Healthy 365 will accept donations from the community and local businesses to help with their efforts
  • The amount of donations is expected to increase each year as the business gains exposure and prominence in the community
  • $5,000 is expected to be brought in by donations during the first year

$1/ student

Equipment kept at Eat Healthy office, transported to office

Paper used for meal service

Training and curriculum developed, then put into production


Our people are the backbone of this program. At startup, we are proposing a staff of 5 full time employees and a part time staff of 8.

We anticipate using volunteers as classroom assistants.

We will increase both the number of full time and part time staff as needed as our program grows.


Office space room for storage of equipment

Rental vehicles to avoid insurance expenses, and minimize cost

Advertising costs involve posters, pamphlets, and booth costs at uptown fairs

Attorney to handle legal contracts, especially important during first year

target audience
Target Audience

Children and School

Parents and Community

  • Support of children will stimulate support of school
  • In order for program to be effective, participants must be receptive
  • School will provide the majority of funding
  • Parent support will bolster program through sharing enthusiasm with their children
  • Community support could foster expansion of program into other grade levels, or through the addition of community cooking and nutrition classes
    • Parent volunteers
    • Donations
posters and pamphlets
Posters and Pamphlets

Posters and pamphlets will be posted in Oxford government buildings, local businesses, and schools

presence at the farmer s market and fairs
Presence at the Farmer’s Market and Fairs

Each Saturday Morning, representatives of Eat Healthy 365 will attend the Farmer’s Market to:

Meet members of the community

Hand out business cards

Answer questions


Eat Healthy 365 will also participate in the numerous fairs in Uptown Oxford

business card
Business Card

We will hand out our business card to members of the community, this will increase expose

The contact information listed on the card will give parents a community numbers a place to call or email for information

  • Acceptance into the Oxford Community will allow Eat Healthy 365 to form relationships with community members
        • It will lead to the creation of a support system for the program that promotes sustainability
  • As the health impacts of this program are measured through regular assessments, it will become a positive force for change in our community.
future plans and expansion
Future Plans and Expansion
  • Expand to 3 school districts in next 3 years
  • Move to a larger facility
  • Move from grocery story food purchasing to a food supplier
  • Lease vehicle
  • Add 3 cooking and nutrition educators each year
  • Add another school liaison to handle additional school districts after 3 years
  • Assess the efficacy of Eat Healthy once students reach 8th grade
    • Was the program impactful?
    • Did the message stick?
global impact
Global Impact

Expansion will allow Eat Healthy 365 classes to spread throughout the area

The message of Eat Healthy 365 will act as a catalyst to spark an interest and awareness of nutrition in the area

This message spread across the globe as the students grow up and move to different places

The program will form relations with similar programs across the nation, and across the globe to help form a unified, globe-spanning front about the importance of practicing and understanding good nutrition

organizational chart
Organizational Chart

Our management team.

full time responsibilities
Full-Time Responsibilities
  • CEO - Implements and grows the program

Oversees Advertising and Marketing and all legal matters

    • CFO – Responsible for grant writing, fundraising and the financial well being of the company

Sources and purchases equipment and supplies

    • Curriculum Developer/ School Liason –

- develops and refines curriculum to insure that it stays current with nutritional trends

- maintains contact with school to insure that the planned nutrition lesson can be incorporated into planned academic lesson

Oversees scheduling and training of Cooking Educators and classroom volunteers

full time responsibilities cont
Full Time Responsibilities, Cont.
  • Supply and Logistics Specialist
      • Insures that all supplies are ordered and all necessary equipment is gathered, packed, labeled and readied for transport
      • Will clean, store and inventory equipment to ensure that it is ready for future programs

Human Resources/Admin

- responsible for all record keeping to include personnel and program

- will insure that office equipment and any rental equipment is maintained

part time responsibilities
Part Time Responsibilities
  • Supply and Transportation clerk (2)

-packing and loading of all equipment, unloading, cleaning and storing upon return.

- Picking up supplies as needed

    • Cooking Educators (6)

-Responsible for the classroom presentation

setting up, presentation, cleanup, tear

down and loading

    • Classroom Volunteers – will assist Cooking educators

as required.

market research
Market Research
  • Findings:
    • Lack of nutrition-related cooking programs in Midwest, more prominent on the East Coast, West Coast, and the South West
    • School gardens are becoming more and more popular, could possibly integrate gardening into the Eat Healthy 365 program in the future
    • Some programs offer healthful lunches to students once or twice a month, after considerable expansion, this could be a possibility
    • The State of California offers substantial grants to similar programs through their Network for a Healthy California
      • It would benefit Ohio to form a similar network, so that programs such a Eat Healthy 365 can thrive