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DENR Jeopardy – Round 2

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DENR Jeopardy – Round 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DENR Jeopardy – Round 2. This DENR program is the focus of the two objectives in Strategic Direction 1. I am the Director of the One NC Naturally program. This is the number of acres that DENR hopes to acquire through purchase, easement rights or other means by the end of 2009.

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Presentation Transcript

This DENR program is the

focus of the two objectives

in Strategic Direction 1.


I am the Director of the

One NC Naturally program.


This is the number of acres that

DENR hopes to acquire through

purchase, easement rights or other

means by the end of 2009.


The first objective of Strategic

Direction 1 directs DENR to begin

implementation of this important

plan for the eastern part of NC.


One objective in Strategic Direction 2

involves moving most Raleigh staff

to either the Archdale Building or

this building complex.


Objective 2.2 focuses on the

Departmental safety program, which

is administered by this person.


This is the often-used acronym of

the Department’s information

management system architecture.


The last objective in Strategic Direction 2

focuses on this DENR program, which

has been very successful, and recently

expanded into additional regional offices.


Strategic Direction 3 attempts to make

this the focus of all future water

quality and quantity planning.


The river basin water supply

plans mentioned in this strategic

direction are developed for this

many years in the future.


This is one of the rivers mentioned

by name in Strategic Direction 3.


These two Divisions are responsible

for most of the action items in

Strategic Direction 3.


This is the general theme

of Strategic Direction 4.


This is DENR’s current

environmental education theme.


This is DENR’s partner in

Project Love-A-Tree.


The Air Quality color-coded

warning system measures this

component of air pollution.


This area of the state benefits

from improved visibility

through the VISTAS program.


This was the action taken by the

Attorney General and DENR to

surrounding states due to the

Clean Smokestacks Act.


This is the single violation that

creates the most number of DAQ

enforcement actions.


This is DENR’s partner in the

Sustainable Sandhills initiative.


This is DENR’s target percentage

for conversion of paper forms

to electronic forms by 12/2005.


This is the name of the program

that DENR is promoting that advocates

employee commuter benefits.


This is the current number of

Environmental Stewards.


This is the focus of

Strategic Direction 7.


This program in the Division of

Waste Management gives liability

protection to owners (non-responsible

parties) who want to redevelop

abandoned or underutilized property.


This is the location where

605 process meetings take place.


This is the current number of

Superfund National Priority List (NPL)

sites in NC (9, 29 or 49).

strategic direction 1 one north carolina naturally writing the new story
Strategic Direction 1One North Carolina Naturally: Writing the New Story
  • Formal Open Space Program
  • Coastal Habitat Protection Plan
  • Land Acquisition/Stewardship Strategy
  • Million Acre Goal
  • Mountains-to-Sea Trail
strategic direction 2 in service of mission and quality
Strategic Direction 2In Service of Mission and Quality
  • High Quality Services and Products
  • Staff Retention
  • World-Class Safety
  • Information Management (IBEAM)
  • Green Square
  • Express Permitting
strategic direction 3 managing river basins for multiple benefits
Strategic Direction 3Managing River Basins for Multiple Benefits
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Pilot on French Broad River
  • Balanced / Integrated Approach to FERC
  • Improve withdrawal/recharge balance in ground water supplies
  • Assist Local Governments with Infrastructure Improvements
strategic direction 4 raising awareness of our place in the community of life on earth
Strategic Direction 4Raising Awareness of Our Place in the Community of Life on Earth
  • Environmental Education Certification
  • Department-Wide Education Theme: Runoff Pollution
  • Phase II Stormwater Education
strategic direction 5 improving air quality
Strategic Direction 5Improving Air Quality
  • Early Action Compacts
  • Clean Smokestacks Act
  • Open Burning
strategic direction 6 progress toward sustainability
Strategic Direction 6Progress Toward Sustainability
  • Sustainable Sandhills
  • DENR Sustainability Team
  • Environmental Stewardship Initiatives
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters program
strategic direction 7 protecting groundwater and restoring contaminated properties
Strategic Direction 7Protecting Groundwater and Restoring Contaminated Properties
  • Protecting and Restoring Groundwater
  • Properly Constructed Wells for Safe Drinking Water
  • Comprehensive Groundwater Data Management
  • Legislation