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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17. The Nation is Industrialized What does industrialized mean?. Big Business. Andrew Carnegie The US became invention capital of the world in late 1800s. Thomas Alva Edison produced more than 1,000 inventions. Alexander Graham Bell. Lewis Latimer helped with light bulb.

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chapter 17

Chapter 17

The Nation is Industrialized

What does industrialized mean?

big business
Big Business
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • The US became invention capital of the world in late 1800s.
  • Thomas Alva Edison produced more than 1,000 inventions.
  • Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Lewis Latimer helped with light bulb.
  • 1st phone message was Mr. Watson Come here I want to see you.
  • Page 505-506.
leaders of industry
Leaders of Industry
  • Elijah McCoy invented ways to oil moving parts.
  • Carnegie invested in Bessemer Process to make steel much cheaper in Pittsburgh
  • Production went from 68,000 tons in 1870 to 10 million in 1900.
  • Rockefeller made one of America’s first monopolies of Standard Oil he controlled 90% of the business.
  • Some companies became large and powerful.
rise of unions
Rise of Unions

Many children worked. 16 hour work days. 6 days a week. Terrible working conditions. No vacations.

1911 a fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory broke out and 146 women and girls died.

Labor unions formed for better conditions.

They used strikes to get their way.

Strikebreakers was something that owners used.

Cigar Maker Samuel Gompers formed AFL that helped pass laws to shorten work days and get better working conditions.

section 2 the growth of cities
Section 2: The Growth of Cities
  • Statue of Liberty.
  • 1850-1/6 people lived in cities.
  • 1900-1/3 live in cities.
  • Chicago=meat packing
  • Cleveland=oil-refining
  • Pittsburgh=steel.
  • US invented skyscrapers!
  • More than 5 story buildings.
  • How else did cities change?
the new immigrants
The New Immigrants

1870-1924 26 million immigrants.

Examined at Ellis Island and Angel Island before entering.




6-7 people in a room your bedroom size.

Wooden buildings.

Chicago Great Fire, 24 hours, 100s of deaths, 1/3 of city destroyed, 100,000 homeless.

helping the immigrants
Helping the Immigrants
  • New immigrants had low wages and were discriminated.
  • Jane Addams helped share knowledge at Hull House.
  • Settlement houses provided a school, education and services for the poor.
  • Many Americans didn’t like immigrants.
  • Laws passed limiting immigrants!
section 3 the united states gains territory
Section 3: The United States Gains Territory

7.2 million for Alaska called Seward’s Ice Box.

No one liked the choice.

Americans overthrew the Queen in Hawaii and asked to become a US property.

Puerto Rico and Cuba revolted against Spain, many were jailed or killed.

America on fence.

William McKinley sent Maine and it exploded and it was blamed on Spain.

Hearst adjusted the facts and America went to war, Remember the Maine!

US quickly destroyed fleet.

rough riders
Rough Riders

Teddy Roosevelt quit Navy Secretary and volunteered to fight in war.

July 1, 1898, took San Juan Hill. Joined Black cavalries called the Buffalo Soldiers.

War ended in August 1898.

Treaty gave US Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam; and Cuba was independent.

section 4 the rough rider president
Section 4: The Rough Rider President

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far!

Teddy Roosevelt was elected in 1900 as VP, and McKinley was assassinated making Teddy the youngest…42.

Was time to reform, every man has a square deal.

Writers like Upton Sinclair, “The Jungle,” pushed for food regulations.

Ida Tarbell was a muckraker too.

Teddy divided Standard Oil into 25 trusts and began FDA.

the panama canal
The Panama Canal

Dare mighty things!

US purchased 10 mile wide strip and cut 7,000 miles off the trip.

Assigned William Gorgas to take care of the mosquito problem.

Built in 7 years, 5609 lives were lost.

More inventions…

Orville and Wilbur took a plane ride of 12 seconds on Kitty Hawk.

model t and saving land
Model T and Saving Land

Expensive autos.

Henry Ford put assembly line into action and drove price of car to $300 in 1925.

½ cars in 1923 was a Model T.

John Muir showed Teddy around a few parks and Teddy created National Parks.

Set aside 150 million acres for national forests.

Once Teddy saved a small bear from hunters and cartoonist heard story and drew picture of a…you guessed it.