october 3 rd english ii n.
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OCTOBER 3 rd ENGLISH II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCTOBER 3 rd ENGLISH II. Warm-up: Get out your Nectar in a Sieve packet and look at your vocabulary words for Chapter 1-2.

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october 3 rd english ii

Warm-up: Get out your Nectar in a Sieve packet and look at your vocabulary words for Chapter 1-2.

Choose five vocabulary words from Ch. 1 that you haven’t written a sentence for yet. Write five sentences that use these words correctly (remember to look at PARTS OF SPEECH; don’t use a noun as an adjective, a verb as a noun, and adverb as an adjective, etc.).

Your sentences can be as ridiculous as you want. You can talk about someone’s mama, you can write about a classmate, you can write about me… as long as you use the word correctly, you’ll get points. 

october 3 rd english ii1

Period 6: No warm-up. Instead, get out Monday’s warm-up/cool-down and let’s review your sentences for Chapter One vocabulary words!

If I call your name, please choose one vocab. sentence to read.  (It can be as silly as you’d like, as long as you use the words correctly… use nouns as nouns, use adjectives as adjectives, etc.)

warm up

Warm-up: Use the definitions to write three sentences using three of the vocab. words from Chapter One. Below are SAMPLE sentences:

Sample vocabulary sentences for Chapter One:

  • The sexy lady lured the man over with her hand to ask for his digits.
  • The Notorious B.I.G. has a lot of prestige in the rapping community because of all of the fancy music that he wrote before his death.
  • I had a very vivid dream that all my students turned into kittens.
  • Whenever Ms. Pierce gives us weekend homework, her normally sweet students feel disdain towards her and plot her death.
  • After eating seven Lunchables, my stomach felt content.
  • In the hallway, there is always so much clamor as students yell things like, “What’s up thug?” to each other.
  • As my puppy was running around, I tried to subdue him by offering him a student’s essay to quietly chew on.
  • Although my girlfriend wrote me a letter stating that she hates me and cheated on me, I will surmount these challenges and win her back.
  • I vigorously washed my hands after picking up the slimy dog poop.
  • Bring Nectar in a Sieve AND packet everyday.
  • The last day to turn in late work from September is TOMORROW; after that, no work from September will be accepted.
  • Period 4: Your last day to turn in a make-up essay is on Friday. It must be typed. Please use all the help you have (essay organization notes, sample essay, rough draft outline, etc.) AND look at the comments I made for recommended improvement
  • Period 6: “Everyday Use” Essays due to turnitin.com Friday
    • I’ve already received essay submissions from: Marina, Yamilex, Samantha, Maritza, Jose, Erbai, Stephanie Y.
    • Everyone else– turn them in; don’t lose points! Follow the directions on turnitin.com handout (extras are on my website)

Literary Response and Analysis 3.12: Analyze the way in which a work of literature is related to the themes and issues of its historical period. (Historical approach)

nectar in a sieve


Let’s begin/continue reading Chapter 1 of Nectar in a Sieve!

As we read, have your character/setting/theme worksheets out; we will pause periodically to fill it in.

(Left): Sari

(Above): Bullock cart

character chart

What do we learn about this culture? (Hint: let’s look at paragraph 3, pg. 4; para. 5, pg. 5; para. 2, pg. 6; para. 1, pg. 7; pg. 9, para. 2). Let’s enter our findings in the setting chart.

What do we learn about Work on filling out your setting chart and your character chart for:

  • Ruku (narrator): pg. 4, 6, 10
  • Nathan: pg. 5, 6, 8, 10
  • Kunthi: 9