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Focus Group Summary and Next Steps PowerPoint Presentation
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Focus Group Summary and Next Steps

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Focus Group Summary and Next Steps
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Focus Group Summary and Next Steps

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  1. Focus GroupSummary and Next Steps Presentation to ULs and HRCG March 21, 2008

  2. Agenda • Summary of Focus Groups • Top Items Identified • Prioritization of Items

  3. Focus Group Summary • 3 Unit HR Groups • 4 Hiring Manager Groups • 1 EPC Group • 1 IT Commons Group

  4. Focus Group Questions • 1) Assess the Recruit and Hire user experience in the three main eMploy uses: • The job posting process • Working with candidate pools • The offer process • 2) Inquire about the use of resources • 3) Ask what one burning need, issue or desired change users would most like to highlight

  5. Customize the System to UM Culture • Remove or gray out fields that are not used • Rename fields to better match UM terminology • Include more required fields to verify data entry is completed properly • Eliminate need to update posting content in three places • Reduce the number of clicks (includes clicking through unneeded fields and typing entries in directly, such as department number)

  6. Increase Current System or Process Capabilities • Email the hiring team when job is posted • Fix the “save for later” and “RIF” features • Consolidate access to job aids, newsletters and online training resources • Improve the efficiency of reviewing and dispositioning multiple resumes • Enhance the home page to add department name under My Requisitions and increase the number of job requisitions which display • Improve screening of applicants

  7. Implement Business Process Changes • Units need to clarify internal roles and responsibilities • Offer instructor led training for the Hiring Manager role • University leadership should encourage units to review business practices to take advantage of the new technology and how this can streamline business processes within a Unit • Provide recruiting support to increase hard to find applicant pools

  8. Applicant Survey • More than 430 applicants (current employees and external applicants) • 42% of those surveyed indicate the system is easy or very easy to use; 14% were neutral, 30% found it somewhat easy and 12% indicated it was not easy at all to use • System enhancements applicants would most like to see include • Separate cover letter from resume (42%) (NOTE: Hiring Managers had mixed feedback on this change) • Apply for multiple jobs at one time (40%) (NOTE: Hiring Managers would not like to see this change) • Shopping cart to hold requisitions until you complete bid (36%) • Enable applicants in gaining access to their account when they cannot recall their user ID or password • Expand system ability to support additional browsers and document types

  9. Items Addressed Since the Focus Groups Were Held • Improve the ability to Print multiple resumes • Disable the Pop-Up blocker when reviewing resumes • These capabilities are now available • Every User email highlighting the eMploy Newsletter with instructions delivered 3/13/08 • UHR website: Recruitment resources, Jan 2008 URL :

  10. Flagging Applicants that are Not Eligible for Rehire • No way to match applicant to former employees: no key identifier • Ability to be a new applicant every day • UMID as a key identifier would require a two-step application process • Unit HR has access to restricted table to check rehire status for their short list of applicants

  11. What Is on the Agenda to Pursue • Hide or grey out unused fields • Rename fields to UM terminology • Include more required fields to verify data entry is completed properly • Improve applicant screening through pre-screening questions • Investigate hiring faculty through eMploy

  12. Prioritize the Remaining List for Inclusion in Next Steps • Focus is for Recruit and Hire modules • Use Option Finder technology to prioritize the items • Select among the paired choices