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Night Worker

Night Worker. Day one Shared Reading day two Word Practice day three Phonics practice day four Additional resources day five. Question of the Day. Who works at night?. Plot. The beginning, middle, and the end of a story is the plot . What is the plot of Old MacDonald Had a Workshop?.

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Night Worker

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  1. Night Worker Day oneShared Readingday two Word Practiceday threePhonics practiceday fourAdditional resourcesday five

  2. Question of the Day Who works at night?

  3. Plot The beginning, middle, and the end of a story is the plot. What is the plot of Old MacDonald Had a Workshop?

  4. Amazing Words

  5. where is the little bug

  6. Where is the little bug?

  7. wet well egg red hen grin net pass

  8. with what a to do the

  9. Let’s Write Questions • What is your favorite color? • What is your last name? • Where do you live? Did I begin each question with an uppercase letter? Did I add a question mark at the end?

  10. Question of the Day What does an engineer do at night?

  11. i see a bug on the rug

  12. I see a bug on the rug.

  13. Shared Reading • Pages 4–5 What time of day is it? What is Alex doing? • Pages 6–7 What does Papa give Alex? Why did Papa give Alex a hard hat? • Pages 8–9 Who is Papa talking to? What other night workers do they see?

  14. Shared Reading • Pages 10–11 Where do Alex and Papa go?What does Alex see there? • Pages 12–13 What do Papa and Alex use to see at night? Do you ever use a flashlight to see in the dark? • Pages 14–15 What kind of machine is this? Have you ever seen a real bulldozer? What was it doing?

  15. Shared Reading • Pages 16–17 What is Alex waving at here? What does the excavator do? • Pages 18–19 What kind of machine is this? What are the night workers doing with the concrete? • Pages 20–21 What did Papa do so Alex could see the machinery better? What do you think the crane is carrying?

  16. Shared Reading • Pages 22–23 How will he help? Have you ever gotten to ride in a big machine like this? • Pages 24–25 What is Alex doing here? How do you think Alex feels right now? • Pages 26–27 What is the loader doing with its load? Who is making it dump?

  17. Shared Reading • Pages 28–29 What do Papa and Alex do while the workers are taking a break? What do you think will be built there? • Pages 30–31 Where is Alex now? Where are Papa and Alex going now? • Pages 32–33 What is Alex doing here? What has Alex left sitting on his bed? • Pages 34–35 What is Alex doing? What could he be dreaming about?

  18. Plot

  19. Word Work

  20. Word Work

  21. Word Work

  22. Word Work

  23. Word Work

  24. Word Work

  25. Word Work

  26. Word Work

  27. Let’s Write Write a sentence about The Night Worker.

  28. Question of the Day In which jobs can we run big machines?

  29. will you cut the bun

  30. Will you cut the bun?

  31. Plot Alex goes to work with his papa. • What happens at the beginning of the story? • What happens in the middle of the story? • What happens at the end of the story? Alex watches the night workers and gets to help. Alex goes home to bed and dreams about being a night worker.

  32. Word Work a n d

  33. Word Work f u n

  34. Word Work S a m

  35. Word Work B u d

  36. Word Work s u n

  37. Word Work w i ll

  38. Word Work M a x

  39. Word Work b e d

  40. Word Work s e t

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