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Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

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Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks
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Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

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  1. Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

  2. Prolonged sitting time has been identified as a health risk factor. The human body as a whole is designed to be in motion and therefore, the main problem with most computer workstations today lies in a fact that would seem contrary to natural instinct. By improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue, movement is imperative for spinal health and overall well-being. Moving between sitting and standing throughout the day brings many health benefits, from increased circulation to reduced fatigue. Allowing desk workers to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the working day, the sit-stand desks make up for all the movement the human body needs. By keeping them attentive and focused, the Sit-Stand Mobile Workstations make it easy for people to change their positioning throughout the day. Giving students the freedom to stand when needed can also help to reduce anxiety and restlessness.

  3. These on-demand Sit-Stand Mobile Workstations transform spaces into active learning environments. With the simple squeeze of a lever, one can simply change the desk’s height to match their preference. Giving people unparalleled flexibility along with the desk’s mobility, this adjustment capability makes the desk a complete product in itself.

  4. Description: • Healthful benefit and productivity of working standing. • Transform your desk into an ergonomic Sit to Stand system. • Pneumatic height adjustment switches from seated to standing position • Soft wrist support places hands in comfortable, ergonomic position • Effortless adjustment from sitting to standing position with the built in pneumatic mechanism.

  5. Types of Sit-Stand Mobile Workstations: • Sit-stand desk (electric) • Sit-stand desk (Manual) • Stand Desk Converter • Sit-stand desk (Electric - laptop version) • Sit-stand desk (Manual - laptop version) Benefits for overall health: Increasing specific body part rest intervals, and thus reducing the adverse effect of risk factors, regular movement adjusts the amount of load being put on the body.

  6. Employees who alternate between a sitting and standing positions will have more energy, experience reduced fatigue levels, and reduce their risk of injury caused by working in one body position too long. In order to meet their individual needs, height adjustable desks allow multiple users to quickly move the work surface. The increased productivity is enough to offset the investment in adjustable desks in the corporate sector today. Sit-Stand Mobile Workstations also reduce or eliminate sources of work related stress by being ergonomically designed to suit the human body.

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