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Origins of Progressivism

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Origins of Progressivism. Chapter 11.1 pp. 382-387. Chapter 11.1. Complete the chart on top of p . 382. Roots of 20 th Century Reform. Arose in cities in the northeast, midwest , and west coast Why in the cities? Roots in other movements:

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origins of progressivism

Origins of Progressivism

Chapter 11.1

pp. 382-387

chapter 11 1
Chapter 11.1
  • Complete the chart on top of p. 382
roots of 20 th century reform
Roots of 20th Century Reform
  • Arose incities in the northeast, midwest, and west coast
    • Why in the cities?
  • Roots in other movements:
    • Populism, nativism, prohibition, purity crusades, electoral reform, charity reform, and more
  • Reacting to rapid industrialization, immigration, & urbanization
  • Workers had suffered
    • Laissez-faire policies
  • Charity could not do enough to fix problems
    • Government needed to step in
  • 1890-1920 is the Progressive Era
goals and beliefs
Goals and Beliefs
  • 1. Gov’tshould be more accountable to its citizens
  • 2. Gov’tshould curb the power and influence of wealthy interests
  • 3. Gov’tshould be given expanded powers so that it could become more active in improving the lives of its citizens
  • 4. Gov’tshould become more efficient and less corrupt so that they can handle an expanded role
  • *These goals are listed on the bottom of p. 383
henry george
Henry George
  • Early reformer
  • Journalist
  • Said poverty arose because some people bought and held on to land until its price went up (speculation)
  • George said to tax the land, even if holding on to it
  • Single tax clubs sprang up all over
edward bellamy
Edward Bellamy
  • Reformer
  • Newspaper editor
  • Published “Looking Backward”
  • A Boston man underwent hypnosis & woke up in 2000 (written in 1887)
  • Bestseller
  • All wrongs of labor were gone!
  • Many clubs arose preaching his views
  • “Muckrakers”—term coined by President Roosevelt
  • Muckrakes is used to clean manure & hay out of stables
  • The writers pointed out corruption, wrongdoing
  • Upton Sinclair, The Jungle
  • Lincoln Steffens, The Shame of the Cities
  • Ida Tarbell, she revealed the abuses committed by the Standard Oil Trust
  • Favors public or gov’t control of property and income
  • Wanted to end capitalism, and have equal distribution of wealth
  • 1901: Socialist Party of America was formed
  • By 1912 they had 1,000 city gov’t offices controlled
but remember
But remember…
  • Progressives did not want major change!
  • Wanted high standard of living
  • They enjoyed democracy & free enterprise
  • Wanted personal liberties protected
  • They wanted to eliminate corruption in gov’t so that they could actually help those in need
women the progressive era
Women & the Progressive Era
  • New level of activism
  • Social clubs transformed into reform clubs
  • Remember, women could not yet vote
  • “In a crowded city quarter, however, if the street is not cleaned by the city authorities no amount of private sweeping will keep the tenement free from grime; if the garbage is not properly collected and destroyed a tenement house mother may see her children sick and die of diseases.”
    • --Jane Addams, 1910
florence kelley
Florence Kelley
  • She was instrumental in:
  • Started working w/ Jane Addams @ Hull House in 1891
  • Passing laws on child labor
  • Limiting working hours for women
  • Regulating sweatshop conditions
  • Went on to other higher jobs in gov’t
mother jones
Mother Jones
  • Her husband was an iron worker; he & her 4 children died in a yellow fever epidemic
  • Called on the Knights of Labor for help
  • Wanted to improve working conditions
  • Organized workers’ unions
  • Miners in WV and CO
  • Helped found IWW in 1905
  • The Progressives wanted gov’t involvement in people’s lives
  • But those who should have wanted the help resisted the most
    • Ex. Poor families could not survive without child’s wages, but they wanted to limit child labor!