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  1. UNEP Governing Council 26Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and Preparation of a 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (the “10YFP”)

  2. GC 26/GMEF In preparation for UNCSD 2012 (or Rio +20) UNEP’s Governing Council in February 2011 will have as its two main themes : • Green Economy • International Environmental Governance Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) will be examined under the discussions on Green Economy. • The Executive Director will present reports on both Green Economy and SCP. • A decision is expected which will reinforce SCP as a priority for UNEP.

  3. Special Lunch on UNEP’s contribution to CSD 19 • GC 26/GMEF will include a Ministerial Lunch on UNEP’s contribution to CSD 19, which will provide an opportunity to examine policy options and opportunities for the current implementation cycle of the CSD with regard to the following five themes : • Transport • Chemicals • Mining • Waste • The 10 year Framework of Programmes on SCP.

  4. Outcomes of CSD 18on the 10YFP(May 2010) • Broad support was voiced for the development of a 10 Year Framework of Programmes on sustainable consumption and production (10YFP), which should support existing initiatives, provide coherencein policy instruments, and foster cooperationand partnerships. • The Marrakech Process was acknowledged by a number of countries as an important forum for dialogue and cooperation on SCP, and there was a broad support for developing the 10YFP, building on the work of the Marrakech Process and its task forces. • In order to further develop the 10 YFP between now and CSD 19, many delegations suggested holding an intersessional meeting in advance of CSD 19. The intersessional will be held in Panama, 13-14 January 2011. • Delegations recognised that the 10YFP could be an important input to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (or Rio +20 conference )in 2012.

  5. Potential elements for a 10 Year Framework of Programmes UNEP and UNDESA are examining potential elements of the 10YFP, including: • Vision and Structure (objectives, vision, goals, functions, institutional structure, and implementation mechanisms). • Programmes – template and potential programmes. • This joint review of potential models for the institutional structure of the 10YFP, is based on existing models from the UN system. This review and its conclusions will be presented as a background paper at the intersessional meeting. • A background paper will also present example programmes collected from various stakeholders. • These two papers will be key inputs for the intersessional meeting (Panama, January 2011), providing the basis for discussion between governments and other stakeholders. The aim is to advance discussions in the lead-up to the IPM and CSD 19, ensuring a successful outcome, including a decision on the 10YFP at the CSD session in May.

  6. The Programmes under the 10YFP • At CSD 18, delegations identified possible programmes for 10 YFP, which could be organized around sectors, such as tourism, building and construction, education, agriculture waste, transport,and chemicals. In some cases these would build on the work of the Marrakech Process and its Task Forces. • Other elements for the 10YFP proposed by delegations included tools and approached such as sustainable procurement, cleaner production guidelines and methodologies, green building codes and standards, sustainable resource use measures, promotion of renewable energy, eco-labelling, education for sustainable consumption andsustainable lifestyles. • A template for the programmes has been developed and circulated to all stakeholders for the submission of potential programmes (see CSD 19 website).

  7. Objectives for CSD 19 • Secure endorsement of the 10 YFP and consensus on its potential components (goals, vision, functions, structure, implementation mechanisms) • Reach agreement on the template for the programmes and on some voluntary programmes for the next ten years (with the option of developing further programmes at a later stage). • Help mobilize the necessary financial and technical resources for implementation of the programmes. • Secure high-level political commitment for the proposed 10YFP at CSD 19, that could be reinforced at Rio +20 and fully integrated in the Rio +20 outcome. • Prior to CSD 19 – secure a decision on SCP at UNEP’s Governing Council in 2011 providing UNEP with a clear role in a future 10 YFP.

  8. Global Outlook on SCP Policies • Survey among governments, civil society and business on existing policies, programmes and initiatives on SCP • Including a brief description of actions resulting and their environmental and development benefits • For presentation at CSD 19 to inform work on SCP and a 10YFP • Survey in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. • Open until 15 November 2010 at: