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Dog Trainer Woodlands - Puptown Houston PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog Trainer Woodlands - Puptown Houston

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Dog Trainer Woodlands - Puptown Houston - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dog Trainer Woodlands - Puptown Houston

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  1. Puptown Houston

  2. About - Puptown Houston Puptown Houston offers full service dog training in Tanglewood. Puptown offers a wide variety of services including private lessons, Group classes, Puppy training, Potty training, behavior modification, and our featured program the Lodge and Learn program. The lodge and learn program takes place in one of our certified trainers homes not in a Kennel environment. Tip: Why is Consistency important during training? Consistency is a key ingredient to clear communication between pet and owner. Consistency means promptly reacting the same way to any significant behavior your dog acts out. For the dog to learn that coming when called is a positive behavior, you must reward him every time he comes ..

  3. Group Classes Puptown Houston offers group classes dog training for those looking for  a social environment to train their dog. We are currently offering a Introduction to Obedience class for dogs 6 months or older. We work on the following exercises in this class: Marker training Name game Sit and stay Down and stay Walking on a loose leash In order to graduate from this class your dog must preform a sit/stay and down/stay at the end of 6ft leash while the handler walks all the way around the dog without the dog breaking stay. Our next round of group classes to be offered will be our Puppy Preschool Classes. Puppy Preschool classes meet once a week for 60 minutes. Puppy preschool is puppy training for puppies under 6 months old. Our puppy experts will help you and your puppy master several important skills and learn appropriate behavior. These skills include coming when called, sit stays, how to greet people, potty training and crate training. Some behaviors we will help you and your puppy work on will include jumping, walking on a loose leash, and avoiding trashcans….

  4. Private Lessons In your home or ours! We can help you work on specific areas with out distraction. Our trainers will work one on one with you for one hour 1 to 3 times a week depending on your development goals. Private lessons are great as a jump start for dogs who absolutely can not focus with distractions, or if you have very specific ideas and want to be very hands on with the training process. We recommend private lessons for issues such as leash aggression, competition training, and issues that involve specific locations (ie. only jumps on dad when he gets home from work).

  5. Puppy Training Puppy training in Houston to help you start out right with your new puppy, our puppy foundation training in Houston is the best program available for puppies under 16 weeks old. Amaze family and friends with your professionally trained puppy! How old does my puppy have to be to start training? This is the most common question we receive, the answer is never. The day your puppy is born is the day training starts. A good breeder will have started establishing a routine, potty manners and crate sleeping before you even pick your puppy up. But a puppy can’t learn to sit and heel right? Wrong! Our trainers start training their puppies at 6 weeks of age and everything is done off leash! Is it really worth it to start so early? Yes! Yes! Yes! All dogs go through a period known as the imprinting age. During this time your puppy learns things that will stay with your puppy for the rest of his or her life. During this time we can teach your puppy anything, such as but not limited to agility, sit, down, heel, come, climb, house etiquette, and more. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will design a program fit for you and your new puppy.

  6. PuptownHouston 12725 louetta rd cypress tx 77449 832-930-0073 info@puptownhouston.com