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Total Outline on Punyam Academy's ISO 31000 Auditor Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Total Outline on Punyam Academy's ISO 31000 Auditor Training

Total Outline on Punyam Academy's ISO 31000 Auditor Training

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Total Outline on Punyam Academy's ISO 31000 Auditor Training

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  1. PAS143 ISO 31000 Certified Risk Management Auditor Training

  2. Introduction Introduction ❖ISO 31000 is a family of standards relating to risk management codified by the International Organization for Standardization. The purpose of ISO 31000:2018 is to provide principles and generic guidelines on risk management. ❖ISO 31000 seeks to provide a universally recognized paradigm for practitioners and companies employing risk management processes.

  3. Definition Definition ✓ISO 31000:2018 is a single standard in a larger family of risk management standards, generally referred to as ISO 31000. ✓The risk management standards of ISO 31000 are all designed to be used broadly, across various industries, niches, and business types, to provide the best practice structure and guidance to all operations seeking to use the principles of risk management.

  4. Description Description ✓The Online ISO 31000 Risk Management course is used to accelerate learning or risk management process and techniques. ✓The Online ISO 31000 Risk Management Training provides the best knowledge of Risk Management Requirements based on ISO 31000:2018 as well as ISO 31010:2019 for Risk assessment.

  5. With.. With.. Convenient & Flexible Cost & Time Efficient Anywhere & Anytime Training Fast & Effective

  6. Modules of Modules of E E- - learning Course learning Course Sessions & Final Exam E-learning with Audio Presentation Appear session exams & one final exam to review your knowledge & complete the course. All content is well described with explanatory audio to understandthe subject well Handouts in PDF Format Get Editable Training Material After passing the exams, user can download/ print training certificate, which can verify anytime on website. Handouts as well as Audit Checklist to Download for future reference during organization’s audit process.

  7. Benefits of ISO 31000 Benefits of ISO 31000 ✓ Giving you a competitive advantage because ISO is an internationally recognized symbol for quality standards. ✓ For Increasing employee awareness of organizational risks by including them in the management framework and giving them responsibility for the processes they commonly use. ✓ To Reduce the frequency of, and ultimately eliminate risks by educating employees and stakeholders on identified risks. ✓ To Improve trust of stakeholders by maintaining transparency and communicating risks.

  8. Topics covered in Topics covered in ISO 31000 Auditor Training ISO 31000 Auditor Training ➢ Session - 1: Introduction and Overview of ISO 31000:2018 ➢ Session - 2: Risk Management Process – Fundamentals and Steps ➢ Session - 3: Risk Management Requirements (As per ISO 31000) ➢ Session - 4: Guidelines for Risk Assessment Requirements based on ISO 31010 ➢ Session - 5: Techniques Used in Risk Assessment ➢ Session - 6: Importance and Benefits of Risk Management in the Organization ➢ Session - 7: ISO 31000 Audit Process ➢ Session - 8: ISO 31000 Audit Records ➢ Session - 9: Steps for implementation of Risk Management system

  9. Continued.. Continued.. 1. Lectures A total of 09 lectures are given in this module as listed above, which are well-prepared presentation with explanatory audio and graphics to understand the subject well. Handouts For all the above 09 sessions, the hand-outs are given in more than a total of 100 pages in .pdf format. The participants of this Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Auditor Training Course can download and save the handouts to their computer and print them or read them offline anytime later. Exams: There are total 09 session's exams and one final exam as given in a separate section of the course. After successfully passing the final exam, an auto-generated ISO 31000 Risk Management Training Certificate will be issued and can be downloaded and printed from the dashboard. Audit Checklists: A complete set of more than 200 audit questions as per Risk Management System requirement-wise as well as department-wise. The audit checklist also helps participants to prepare for the final audit. 2. 3. 4.

  10. Course Objectives Course Objectives ✓Familiarize yourself with Risk Management requirements in detail. ✓Understand the Guidelines for Risk Assessment requirements. ✓Understand documentation and list of procedures to be maintained, and to check them as an internal auditor. ✓Get the knowledge of internal auditing and use of audit checklist as per Risk Management System. ✓Know about the types of auditing and questioning techniques. ✓Familiarize yourself with principles & implementation of Risk assessment programs in detail. ✓Get the ready-to-use audit checklists to perform an effective audit.

  11. Prerequisites Prerequisites ✓ Knowledge of Management systems and read the standard. ✓ Understand the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. ✓ Awareness of the need for risk management. ✓ Using the results of risk assessments to determine appropriate controls to reach acceptable levels of risk. ✓ The active prevention and detection of risk management system incidents. ✓ Ensuring a comprehensive approach to risk management and risk assessment.

  12. Study Materials Study Materials ✓Use the study materials to reinforce key points and to keep a reminder of what you already learned as well as you can save it in your computer for future reference. ✓The access of this study material is removed after exam is cleared and on line certificate is prepared for the student.

  13. Examination and Examination and Course Certificate Course Certificate ✓This ISO 31000 training program includes the Course Certificate that is issued upon course completion and passing the session exam as well as final exam given in the course with minimum 60% marks. ✓The option to reappear in the exam is also given to student to get this course certificate