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Best of CES 2018 Awards PowerPoint Presentation
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Best of CES 2018 Awards

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Best of CES 2018 Awards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Best of CES 2018 Awards

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Presentation Transcript
the interior of nissan s imx electric concept

The interior of Nissan's IMx electric concept car is shown at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. January 9, 2018. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

attendees try out dr fuji fj 700 cyber gym body

Attendees try out Dr. Fuji FJ-700 Cyber Gym Body Sport Fitness Fx Massager. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

avatarmind s ipal smart ai robots designed

Avatarmind's iPal Smart AI Robots, designed to be companions for children and elderly, perform calisthenics. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a boosted board electric skateboard with a seven

A Boosted Board electric skateboard, with a seven-mile range and top speed of 22 mph. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

jordan jtakin walks though a 5g wireless

Jordan Jtakin walks though a 5G wireless broadband technology display in the Intel booth during the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

zetime smartwatches by mykronoz of switzerland

ZeTime smartwatches by MyKronoz of Switzerland, the world's first hybrid smartwatch combining mechanical hands with a color touchscreen. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a robotic my special aflac duck for children

A robotic My Special Aflac Duck, for children facing cancers, is demonstrated. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

kano build it yourself laptop kits ages

Kano build-it-yourself laptop kits, ages six and older, are displayed during Pepcom's Digital Experience. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

sony s wf sp700n wireless noise cancelling

Sony's WF-SP700N wireless, noise-cancelling headphones with a splash-proof design. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a buddy robot by blue frog roams the floor during

A Buddy robot by Blue Frog roams the floor during the opening event at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

john cummins sales and marketing senior vice

John Cummins, sales and marketing senior vice president for DisplayLink, demonstrates the company's DisplayLink XR reference design with a wireless virtual reality game. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a man looks over a 3d scan of his face after

A man looks over a 3D scan of his face after trying out a Bellus3D face scanner. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a woman demonstrates the features of a care

A woman demonstrates the features of a Care OS smart health and beauty hub in a mirror. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a r pur anti pollution mask which can filter

A R-PUR anti-pollution mask, which can filter out particles as small as pm 0.4 microns. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a botley coding robot by learning resources

A Botley Coding Robot by Learning Resources, designed to teach coding basics to children as young as 5 years old. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a sensor is shown on harmon athletic wear

A sensor is shown on Harmon athletic wear by Mitsufuji, made with silver thread panel to make a connection between the sensor and the body. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

the catspad smart pet assistant with the ability

The Catspad smart pet assistant, with the ability to remotely schedule and control food portions. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a velco wink bar with bike tracking

A Velco Wink Bar, with bike tracking and GPS guidance when connected to a smart phone. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a lokly encrypted flash drive accessible when

A Lokly encrypted flash drive, accessible when in the presence of a smartphone with the encryption key. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a romy paris personal cosmetic lab which allows

A Romy Paris personal cosmetic lab, which allows users to formulate their own lotions based on their skin type and daily conditions. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

an aladin connected lamp by domalys with sensors

An Aladin connected-lamp by Domalys, with sensors that can detect if an elderly person has fallen and send an alert to caregivers. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a melomind headset a neurofeedback device with

A Melomind headset, a neurofeedback device with sensors that detect brain activity and help the wearer control stress and improve relaxation through exercises. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

a flo device r which can monitor water usage

A Flo device (R), which can monitor water usage in your home and cut off water automatically in case of catastrophic flooding. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

eargomax a new in the ear hearing aid device that

EargoMax, a new in-the-ear hearing aid device that also allows natural sound to flow though into the ear, is displayed during Pepcom's Digital Experience. REUTERS/Steve Marcus