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50 best hand picked tips to grab chicken dinner n.
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50 Best Hand-Picked Tips to grab Chicken Dinner PowerPoint Presentation
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50 Best Hand-Picked Tips to grab Chicken Dinner

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50 Best Hand-Picked Tips to grab Chicken Dinner
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50 Best Hand-Picked Tips to grab Chicken Dinner

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  1. 50 Best Hand-Picked Tips to grab Chicken Dinner PUBG Mobile has been an outright sensation with more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Pubg Mobile now has over 20 million daily active users. Tencent Games says that more than 130 million players from in excess of 200 nations took part and have possessed the capacity to acquire 864,425,575 chicken dinners. 864 million chicken dinners basically imply that same number of games were played. There are a lot of players, and in case you’re a beginner at PUBG Mobile, we have some extraordinary tips and tricks to enable you to score that chicken dinner. This PUBG tips page will first focus as much of that depth as possible, from Beginners PUBG tips to a more advanced to the game. We have decided to concentrate on a list of tips that users usually makes mistake while playing the game, splitting them up into the relevant categories. For those who are new to the game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is all about surviving. And thank you all so much for the recent support on all my pubg posts. Lets get ready to learn some more stuff. Visit us to more about pubg mobile tips and pubg mobile info

  2. Pick a spot for Parachuting Huge towns under the flight like pochinki or military base or school are way risky spots to begin, yet typically have better loots. For the most obvious opportunity to progress, fly just outside those one the cities. Find cluster of houses on the map and also notice on the way down try to find out is anyone else with you. Once the parachute has deployed you wan to fly directly down to your destination whether its a building or a rooftop while you on your way there in the parachute that is a good time to look around with the eyeball tool and make sure you dont have enemies landing near you., next to you or top above you. Make sure you got to figure out if you are gong to

  3. land first or they are going to land before you and thats going to shape how you play the game from that point forward. Find a gun quickly and gear up immediately You need to gear up quickly and make sure you pick up the very first gun you come across whether its a pistol or a shot gun or any other gun it does not matter, having a gun as soon as you land is what matters. A gun is much better than a fist when you come accross your first enemy especially if its unexpected first encounter. Once you find better weapons obviously ditch the pistols, shotguns. The things you want to find as soon as possible are the good-in-most-situations assault rifles or a SMG, a

  4. backpack, a bulletproof vest, healing items, and a helmet . The higher level for these items, the better. Loot only what you need drop the rest. Be super efficient dont take ammo or attachments for guns that you dont even have. Once you have dropped cleared the looted area mark and move to the next building to change positions and loot it up little bit. You are starting to get ready to actually defend yourself or even a fight. When you are in an ambush or getting closer to the target make sure change your weapon to auto if not. Anyone and at anytime can pop out near you. For a long range its easier and much more accurate to tap single fire. Move to next Area

  5. All doors in the game start closed. If a door is open, someone’s been there or maybe hiding there. If you leave a door open, you’re telling the world you’ve been there too. So always close the door. If you see footsteps around you they probably dont know so sit and wait for them to come near you and make you position right front of the door. When battling multiple enemies, ignore any that you knocked down. They can’t get up except if revived , so watch out the ones who can in any case assault you. Dont jump from the building in order to ambush your enemies. There is fall damage, which occurs from jumping around two stories, with more damage the higher the fall. Auto sprint: the icon appears when you’re running at full speed. Simply hover over it with your finger and then let go to continue running without needing to hold down. Free look: A handy feature, you can drag around the small eye icon just below the map in order to look around and keep an eye on your surroundings. This works while running so you can look around you without changing your direction. Watch out the safe zone and move accordingly

  6. In you mini map check the white circle if you are outside the circle you need to move to get it before the first time counts down. Vehicles are great at covering large distances at speed, but draw huge amounts of attention with their noise. Use them wisely Vehicles will roll down hills, and can explode when they hit things at high speed that can kill you instantly, and if you crash get away from the vehicle as soon as possible. Grab some more loot while moving to the next circle and avoid blue zone. Always move when you are outside and stay still while in cover, if you line of sight anywhere where you could potentially be shot make sure you are a moving target not a sitting duck. For players like me who like to snipe always likes the opportunity for players that stand still while looting a supply crate or looting an enemy.

  7. Figure out which helmets can take what amount of damage, Kar98 the most commonly found and used sniper, can kill you instantly with a headshot if you have a Level 2 helmet or below, but a level 3 helmet can take a hit and wont kill you. Note what helmet opponents have before you start sniper fire, as there’s no point. PUBG Mobile has great audio and often the speakers on your phone won’t do it justice. Connect your headphones for a more immersive experience, it also helps you pinpoint approaching enemy. Strategy and priorities

  8. While sniping your enemy may be he is also looking off in the direction through his scope as well. Make sure you are very active and moving while you are looting. Run around jump here ad there. You have to make sure you are not an easy target. If you take fire from range and don’t know where it’s from, dont go prone you are already in the line of sight . Instead, zig-zag and sprint until you get to cover and break line of sight. Dont wear a damaged high-level Armour which is actually often worse than undamaged low-level Armour. You may look at the number next to it in your inventory for a comparison. Avoid bridges if you need to cross one to get into the safe zone. There are almost always bridge camps people waiting on them to kill you, when a bridge is a necessary route. Get there early and swim or find a boat instead. I will guide you later on how to bridge camp and what all things you need to look for and avoid while bridge camping. Use eye ball tool to scan surroundings just like you did while dropping in with your parachute. its super helping when you run around on the map once you determined where you are trying to run or drive. You can do couple of things like scan the area to see there are any potential threats watching you and you also sneak up by people looking at them planning your attack and they wont ever know you actually seen them

  9. Use audio cues to locate nearby enemies, eventually you’ll hear gun shots, foot steps , car driving by. This is absolutely imperative and 70% of tracking enemies their location comes from audio and not from visual cues. If you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is the nearest to the white. This will give you a complete view of the play zone, while vastly reducing the chances that a player might be coming from behind you. Change weapon when ammo is zero to avoid reloading time if your enemy has a clear shot on you. Use your mini map to plan routes and track enemies, you here gun shots and put your cross hair you think they are coming from but immediately put your visuals on the mini map . There is going to be n orange radar blip that pops up and that is going to tell you the general direction of shots where those came from. If you can combine both you hearing and visual there is a great chance you can find you enemy in that direction. Pubg mobile combat tips

  10. Dropping healing items as bait is a good way to trick people into thinking an area or house is not looted and therefore clear. If an enemy sees you, they will most likely change their movement pattern or take a longer time to do something than normal. If you’re shooting an enemy and they take cover behind an object, keep shooting around that object so that they think they have the angle wrong and take cover on the wrong side of the object. Especially useful if you have a silencer. Don’t switch weapons when throwing grenades, and always commit to the throw even if you have to throw it away so that you don’t die. All grenades have a 5 second timer, so do a mental countdown from 5 when cooking grenades. Clicking and holding when you shoot a sniper will keep you scoped in, allowing you to see exactly where your bullet hit.

  11. Use alt to look around when you’re hiding in a bush or grass, so that your whole player model doesn’t rotate which makes you really visible to other players. You can throw grenades into the little huts through the tiny windows if you locate an enemy. This is the best way to kill. Make good use of boost and keep your health full You want to make sure you are not suffering by going into fights missing any HP at all that is going to put your opponents at significant advantage. There are lot of weapons that are balanced to were one shot may be 98 missing 2 health points. You get a headshot and

  12. 98 damage and you will feel pretty annoyed when you know you could have continued the fight. Energy drinks and pain killers are most comman boost to be found. Energy drinks work about 2 min and pain killers last about 3 min. Energy drink will heal over 23% of HP over time and Painkillers will heal over more almost 40% over few second of time. If you know a fight is coming, or need to sprint across a dangerous open area, use a ‘boost’ item like Painkillers or Energy Drinks, as the healing over time and extra speed can be crucial. You can start moving when the healing item you’re using is at 0.5 seconds left and it will still be used. This works whether you’re on foot or in a car. The most efficient way to heal using bandages is by using the next one when you see you get your third increment of health from your previous one. Don’t spam them, it’s pointless. If you are lucky enough to find an Adrenalin syringe. it will fill bar full to 100% and that will heal upto 80% of your health bar over 5 min. How to win battleground in the final circle

  13. Make use of your prone stance at your own terms, this means that prone is a very valuable way to hide in the grass and make yourself less visible. Go prone only when nobody has seen you approach and area. Long grass only renders at less than 150 meters away, but players render from far greater distance which means if you’re relying on long grass as cover, a sniper can spot you easily at long range so use prone only in the final circle. Fight from cover to decrease your exposure to an enemy, people going to be looking to take you down constantly as the zone is shrinked your enemy wont let you to meet twice same should be with you. Fight from behind a tree or a rock and yes you might get a shot. you might take damage but being covered you can regain health and re engage that makes you a difficult target to take down.

  14. If you are running around and standing the middle you become a free target and as i said if you go prone now you are already dead. In the final zone engage on your terms when victory is likely and make sure when fighting an opponent , you have their head or chest and make sure you got the kill or else you will end up letting them know where you are and giving up your position. They will re position themselves to heal and re engage. They’ll also give away their positions in the process, which means you of course know where they are for the final face off. Dont get yourself baited into the fight this will allow the 3rd person to kill you. If you all all these steps you will have the ability to get chicken dinner.