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  1. Shalom! We are as2x2.com : Developers of new type E-Learning games For children And Popular Website for parents

  2. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games MISSION: As2x2.com is software business and website, that gives parents a new ways to engage in child's education, so they become committed participants in the process, and to raise and educate kids in a friendly optimistic environment.

  3. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games PROBLEM: Parents are not aware what is going on with their child at school. Parents can not assess if their children  are  lagging behind in certain  fields and what help they need to improve  their academic performance. Parents are spending less time helping their children than their own parents did. Parents have limited understanding of child development. This is the reality of our lives: working parents spend most of their time on their computers, while their kids - on their.

  4. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Monitoring of child’s cognitive development EXISTING SOLUTIONS

  5. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games OUR SOLUTION: Build "common information network" of parents and children. Glance from inside into child's cognitive activity.

  6. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games GENERAL SCHEME:

  7. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Target customers:

  8. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games WHY as2x2 ? I'm not so much interested in the final result of the game. I want to focus on the process of solving problems. I want to be aware of the child's strengths and weaknesses . My child - is special, He/she is not developing at an expected rate. I want the assessment to account for his/her unique characteristics. I am not a teacher or psychologist, even if I'm monitoring the kid, I do not understand that much either. How much does it cost and what time does it take to continuously monitor the child cognitive development ? The system stores information about all your child’s games, makes it possible to specify individual criteria, offers a dynamic evaluation of the child development for a certain period of time. We are required to monitor a variety of areas in order not to miss starting problem ? If my child will often play a game, he/she will just remember the correct answers and that’s all. We also have little interest in final result. We collect the vast amount of data about the important features of problem-solving process for every child, and then process it. Our data analysis is based on the experience of highly qualified educators and teachers. It interprets the results in simple terms, which serve as a clear guide to parents. Will this irritate my child, that he is constantly supervised? How can I know if my child's development is on track ? Just press the button, and our system will give you full information. We do not have identical tasks. The system produces a tasks in random manner. The system can also determine if the child is not interested in the game. The child will not even know that you're doing it. He's just playing in familiar surroundings, and no one is standing behind him. Yes, we created games for the development of various aspects of cognitive activity of the child. We offer a subscription for a long period. Subscriber could get all the data he is interested in during the lunch break. Your system encourages child cognitive development? We built wide set of indicators draw attention to a potentially problematic area.

  9. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Games pyramide: just idea… algorithm development under construction ready

  10. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Outcome pyramide: Oh? What information?

  11. Parent gets also a lot of useful additional information about: as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games

  12. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Expected development steps:

  13. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Buisiness Model: system of connected sites Site of individual parents help service (idea) Webinars Site (in project)

  14. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Although for now we have only Russian site… VISITORS MAP Russia and former USSR: 116,000 North America 10,000 Europe 10,000 Israel 25,000 Africa 100 Central and South America 200 Australia and New Zealand 350

  15. as2x2.com – new type of eLearning games Founders

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