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University of Kentucky Police Department

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University of Kentucky Police Department. Administration 257-UKPD (8573) Emergencies 911 Cell Call #UKPD. An Equal Opportunity University. The City within a City.

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university of kentucky police department

University of Kentucky Police Department

Administration 257-UKPD (8573)

Emergencies 911

Cell Call #UKPD

An Equal Opportunity University

the city within a city
The City within a City

The University of Kentucky is enmeshed within an urban city and is not immune to the crimes that are associate with a large city. Remember that there are no walls that separate the two communities where criminals are segregated out!

It is estimated that there are over 64,000 people that are within the University community on any given day…If that is the case, UK is larger in population than Bowling Green, Ky. (third largest city in Kentucky)

That said, we ask that all staff, faculty, students, and guests take precautions to enhance their safety while conducting business and living at the University.

An Equal Opportunity University

the police
The Police

UK Police has an authorized strength of 55 officers making it one of the larger police departments in the State of Kentucky. The UK Police officers have full police authority to serve and protect UK’s campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are not security guards, and we are not the Parking Office!

Each officer receives 18 weeks of mandated training at the Department of Criminal Justice Training Center in Richmond, Kentucky alongside city and county agencies throughout the state.

After graduating, each new officer is assigned to a Patrol Training Officer for an additional 16 weeks of training before being allowed to patrol on his/her own.

Each officer must receive a minimum of 40 hours training each year thereafter.

An Equal Opportunity University

how will you see uk police
How will you see UK Police?

An Equal Opportunity University


One Stop-Shop Safety Number

257-SAFE (7233)

Campus safety oriented services

  • SAFE CATS student safety escort services
  • After Hours On-Demand CATS Bus Service
  • Violence Intervention and Prevention Center

An Equal Opportunity University

safecats escort service
SAFECATS Escort Service

The Flying Wildcats Booster Club, a student organization comprised of ROTC cadets to operate the SAFECATS program. These safety escorts are trained annually by the University Police Department, carry a Police issued radio giving them direct contact with the University Police Dispatch, and undergo a preliminary criminal background check before they are permitted to serve as a safety escort.

Call (859) 257-SAFE (7233)


8:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.

An Equal Opportunity University

campus bus service
Campus Bus Service

CATS Bus and 221-RIDE

The Campus Area Transit System (CATS) fleet consists of twelve buses that support four routes serving the campus core during the fall and spring semesters. These buses are small and maneuverable, allowing for more reliable service to the campus interior. In addition‚ on–demand service is available throughout the night by calling 221-RIDE.

An Equal Opportunity University


Download The UK App To Obtain Safety Information

An Equal Opportunity University

emergency phones
Emergency Phones

Emergency Phones are located throughout campus and are a means of obtaining police assistance when needed. Simply press the red button, listen for the dial tone and dialing sounds, and wait for an answer if possible. When a phone is activated, the location is obtained, and a police officer will respond to the location immediately.

An Equal Opportunity University

ukpd 8573 from your cell phones 257 8573 or 257 ukpd
#UKPD(#8573) from your Cell Phones257-8573 or 257-UKPD

#UKPD (#8573) is a free call from your cellular phone to the University of Kentucky Police Department. We suggest entering #UKPD into your phone as you travel about campus, and if you should need the police for any reason—press send. You will be connected with a police dispatcher who will immediately send a police officer to assist you.

An Equal Opportunity University

cat s path
The Cat's Path is a crime prevention effort to identify a preferred walking route that is throughout the central campus area and provide the University of Kentucky community with a convenient method of traversing campus on a network of popular paths. These routes were specifically chosen due to their frequent use and accessibility to major campus destinations. Marked with high visibility signage and paw prints on the ground, the Cat's Path is patrolled frequently by University Police.Cat’s Path

An Equal Opportunity University

enhanced 911
When dialing 911 from any landline phone that has the prefix of 226, 323, 218, or 257, you will be connected with the University Police Department. Our enhanced 911 system will be able to identify the location of any phone or phone number that has activated 911. If you should need the city police, UKPD’s dispatcher will transfer you to the city police department in an emergency situation.

When dialing 911 from any other prefix, you will be connected to the Lexington Police Department.

Enhanced 911

An Equal Opportunity University


The University of Kentucky Police Department

Anonymous Crime Tip Program

In response to public demand for secure and anonymous ways to submit crime tips to the authorities, UKPD has developed two new anonymous tip services for use by the public. They are:

  • Text-a-tip Service: User types “UKPDTIP” and text it to “CRIMES” (274637)


  • New Web Tip link: Users go to and follow the link for “Anonymous Web Tips.” The user then fills in a form and submits it via the Internet.

* Note: The text and web based messages is encrypted and an alias is generated, masking the identity of the sender from the police. The police have no way of determining the user’s identity.

An Equal Opportunity University


For more information, go to

  • Auto enrolled
  • Update your contact information on a regular basis
  • Open to all UK students, faculty, staff, parents, BCTC, campus visitors, and community members

An Equal Opportunity University

starr program
STARR Program

An Equal Opportunity University

active shooter course
Active Shooter Course

“Shot Fired” is this last thing anyone wants to hear on campus. The University of Kentucky Police Department is involved in training Faculty, Staff, and Students as to what to do in the event of a shooting.

  • The University Police have specialize instructors that teach the community as to what they need to do if there is a shooter on campus.
  • Further, there is availability to take this class online as an additional instruction for all employees and students.
  • Contact the Community Affairs Office with the University Police to schedule a class at:
  • PH. 859-257-5108 or 859-323-7447

An Equal Opportunity University

opportunity theft
Opportunity theft is one of the biggest issues at the

University and is the easiest to remedy.


Opportunity Theft

An Equal Opportunity University

clery minger acts
Clery Act - is a federal law which mandates ALL Universities to report crime which occur under their respective venues.

You, as an employee of UK, are required to report certain crimes that occur in your respective work places.

There can be civil and criminal liabilities for not reporting an incident of crime!

When in doubt—call the police!

Clery/Minger Acts
    • Minger Act - Is a State law which is more defined than the federal Clery Act, mandating the same adherence to reporting crime, and addresses specifically reporting fire incidents and some additional crimes.
  • The Minger Act is a stringent law which requires that all fire alarms, suspected, threatened and/or actual fires are reported.
  • Again, there are possible civil and criminal liabilities t hat can apply for not reporting fire incidents.
  • When in doubt—call the police!

An Equal Opportunity University