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6 ways to boost your immune system

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6 ways to boost your immune system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 Effective Ways to Boost your Immune System

The immune system of your body is much more powerful than you probably see. In spite of the

fact that your world partners with infectious microorganisms you are reasonably healthy most

of the time. This is because of your immune system that defends your body from the disease-

causing microbes. A study from the University of Pennsylvania concluded that the immune

system cells could fight extremely hard-to-battle viruses and keep you healthy. It is essential for

your body to be capable of fighting the viruses causing the diseases. Mainly as we head into the

sniffle season. Here are some of the ways that you should follow to boost your immune system:

Consume lean protein at every meal. Only one food will not be able to fight billions of viruses

and bacteria causing diseases. But nutrients like protein take the lead in defending your body


from these germs. And this is one of the reasons antibiotics that defend the body from illnesses

are made of proteins. A lot of foods high in protein also comprise other immune-boosting

nutrients. Lean cuts of pork and beef, as well as protein from soy, beans, oysters and crab,

contain zinc. Zinc helps up the production of disease-fighting white blood cells. Almonds and

cashews are rich sources of protein that help in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Get adequate sleep and manage stress. Stress overload and sleep deprivation highly affects the

working of your immune system. Dance, read, listen to music or play with your dog. Do

whatever you like and reduce your stress levels. Getting enough sleep is also an important


Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruits will provide your body with the

necessary nutrients to optimize the working of your immune system. All the vegetables and

fruits are good, but if you’re going to pick only some, opt for the ones that are rich in vitamins

C, A, and E. These vitamins helps white blood cells fight off infections more effectively. Studies

have shown that Vitamin E found in seeds, turnip greens and nuts combat flu and upper

respiratory contagions.

Make it mushroom time. Consume medicinal mushroom of whatever variety you prefer

whether shitake, oysters, maitake, etc. also known as the “hen of thewoods”. These Japanese

mushrooms are a very good immune booster and are filled with anti-oxidants.

Go for a walk few times a day. A physical activity of 20 to 30 minutes a day will get the moving

of the white blood cells and the antibodies faster, and they will be able to detect the diseases

sooner. Also, an increase in circulation may also activate the discharge of hormones that

“warn” immune cells of the interfering pathogens. A moderate workout is enough as too much

of it can reduce the number of white blood cells circulating.

Take care of your immune system!