population state of health soh analyzer for self insured employers n.
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Population SOH Analyzer for Self-insured Employers PowerPoint Presentation
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Population SOH Analyzer for Self-insured Employers

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Population SOH Analyzer for Self-insured Employers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Population SOH Analyzer for Self-insured Employers

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  1. Population State-of-Health (SOH™) Analyzer for Self-Insured Employers

  2. The PSCI Population State-of-Health Analyzer performs risk stratification of patients by chronic conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis and others. • Stratification results and patient pool segments are easy to visualize and understand with red, yellow, and green color codes, based on severity of risk. • State-of-health scores quantify the probability of acute care admissions due to complications in the short term.

  3. State-of-health models and scores help decision makers drive superior preventive care, and reduce acute care admissions and cost. • PSCI’s Population State-of-Health Analyzer is a provider-centric care management tool. It promotes better care management through best practices and comparative effectiveness for each chronic condition within the risk strata. • This module provides the ability to benchmark physicians and their performance across the practice, and against nationally accepted guidelines, for evidence-based care.

  4. KEY FEATURES… • Segment patients by risk pool (high, medium, low) • Understand probability of complications and acute care admissions with state-of-health scores • Develop optimal care-management program(s) around patient-risk groups • Identify evidence-based best practices based on actual data and physician input

  5. KEY FEATURES… • Include controllable and non-controllable factors in the state-of-health risk model • Create highly accurate models with complete visibility of clinical data (laboratory results, vitals, medications) • Out-of-the-box actionable reports for physicians, patients and administrators • Maximize shared savings models (ACOs) for groups and physicians

  6. KEY FEATURES… • Leverage nationally accepted risk models for top chronic conditions • Utilize claims data together with clinical EMR data extracts • Fully integrates with the PSCI suite for seamless analysis across the continuum of care

  7. ABOUT PSCI • PSCI is an innovative provider of predictive population risk analytics for care management and contract optimization leveraging EMR, Claims & Demographics data for medical homes, physician groups, ACOs, hospital systems, IDNs, and shared savings programs.

  8. ABOUT PSCI • PSCI delivers predictive chronic disease models for population state-of-health risk stratification, quality-cost-risk visibility, "what-if" modeling and ACO demand planning for improving overall healthcare provider and payer performance. • PSCI is critical to managing “At-Risk” populations and pay-for-performance objectives. For more information, please visit http://www.PSCIsolutions.com

  9. www.pscisolutions.com