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IPCC Express. IPCC Express - Integration. Integration First-time password: Administrator / ciscocisco License file: *.lic Components activation (Control Center) Check the Status field: OUT_OF_SERVICE might be referred to integration problem JTAPI (Subsystems -> JTAPI)

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ipcc express integration
IPCC Express - Integration
  • Integration
    • First-time password: Administrator / ciscocisco
    • License file: *.lic
    • Components activation (Control Center)
    • Check the Status field: OUT_OF_SERVICE might be referred to integration problem
  • JTAPI (Subsystems -> JTAPI)
    • JTAPI provider (Set JTAPI user/password and CCM IP address)
    • JTAPI Call Control Groups
    • Pilot Number -> Application (parameters) -> Script
    • CTI ports / CTI route point
  • Media Resource Groups
    • You can’t play any media files unless you have defined a MRG
ipcc express integration3
IPCC Express - Integration

Verify in CCM CTI RP

ipcc express integration4
IPCC Express - Integration
  • RmCm (Resource management; Subsystems -> RmCm)
    • Assigning resources / skills (levels) / teams
    • Contact Service Queuing (CSQs) – based on Resource Skills or Resource Groups
    • Resource skills selection: Most (least) skilled by weight, Most skilled, Most skilled by order, Shortest average handle time, Most handled contacts
  • Association of controlled devices
  • CCM Users
    • JTAPI provider, RmCm provider, CRS Administrator, Agents
ipcc express scripting
IPCC Express – Scripting
  • CRS Editor
    • GUI
    • Object’s properties
    • Validate !
  • Preloaded scripts
    • icd.aef, aa.aef, voicebrowser.aef
  • Basic scripting
    • Begin with Accept, end with Terminate
    • All prompt variables should be defined like P[filename.wav] (filename.wav is uLaw encoded wave file; 8Kbps, 8Khz, Mono)
    • Play music on hold to the caller with CallHold and CallUnhold
ipcc express scripting1
IPCC Express – Scripting
  • ICD – Work with agents/resources
    • Select resource (and …)
    • Connect resource
  • Follow these steps to pass enterprise data
    • Define the fields you need in Cisco Desktop Administrator (Enterprise Data Configuration -> Enterprise Data)
    • Use the Set Enterprise Call Info Step (before the Connect Step)
    • Do not forget to check for “telecaster” user if your endpoints are IP Phone Agents
ipcc express ip phone agent
IPCC Express – IP Phone Agent
  • Create new IP phone service:
    • Service name: ICD_Agent_Service
    • Service URL: http://ccm_ip:6293/ipphone/jsp/sciphonexml/IPAgentLogin.jsp
    • Parameters:
      • Ext (Extension)
      • ID (User ID)
      • Pwd (Password)
  • Activate for all agent’s IP phones and set the parameters accordingly
  • Assign the phones to the RM JTAPI user
  • Create the “telecaster” user with password “telecaster” and associate with the IP phones to display enterprise data
ipcc express web quotes
IPCC Express – Web quotes
  • 1. Automatic Work / Available
    • Automatic Work setting is at the CSQ level (Or at Agent Based Routing settings level) (Default Disabled).
    • Automatic Available setting is available for each agent. (Default Enabled)
    • Default settings make the agent go to Ready status immediately.
ipcc express web quotes1
IPCC Express – Web Quotes
  • Agent Based Routing
    • a. Use GetUser step to create a User object from a userid or extension. Store the result in a User variable called studentagent.
    • b. Use SelectResourcestep and change Routing target type to Resource. Specify Resource Target as studentagent. Set the timeout to a value < Call Forward No answer timeout set for the agent’s phone in Callmanager. One ring is 4 seconds.
    • c. With agent based routing, you route the call to a specific agent. Say caller calls into IPCC and selects option 1, the call is routed to agent1. Caller selects option 2, call is routed to agent 2 and so on and so forth.
    • ** No matter how many agents are available (Ready status), call will be routed only to the particular agent specified in the script.
    • ** With agent based routing, if the agent doesnt pickup the call, the agent is set to not-ready state and even if he logs back into the queue, call is not routed back to the  specified agent. So there is no point in putting a queueloop inside the Failed step.
    • ** Agent based routing has separate Wrapup time and Automatic Work settings compared to  the CSQ. No matter what you set at the CSQ level, it doesnt affect the agents behaviour after he terminates the call. To force the agent to work state when doing Agent based routing, go under RmCm->Agent Based Routing settings -> set the Automatic Work to enabled and Wrapup time to X number of seconds.
ipcc express samples
IPCC Express - Samples
  • Your Labs Topics?