Accounting and reporting developments an auditor s perspective
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Accounting and Reporting Developments An Auditor's Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accounting and Reporting Developments An Auditor's Perspective. What am I covering today?. Accounting developments Sector developments Recurring themes CCG update Audit Committee role on Governance.

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What am i covering today
What am I covering today?

  • Accounting developments

  • Sector developments

  • Recurring themes

  • CCG update

  • Audit Committee role on Governance

Accounting and reporting developments an auditor s perspective

Accounting DevelopmentsNo major new accounting standards Exemption from applying IAS 27 no longer applies to NHS charities Modified absorption accounting Accounting arrangements for CCGs

Ias 27 consolidated and separate financial statements
IAS 27 Consolidated and separate financial statements


  • power to govern


  • benefit from activities

Is it material
Is it material?

  • Size

  • Nature

  • Context

    What could make a charity material from a qualitative point of view?

What would consolidation mean for you
What would consolidation mean for you ?

  • Although there are some technical issues to overcome on consolidation these are not expected to cause difficulties

  • Finance Dept capacity is probably biggest threat

  • No change on single entity statements and trusts will not be assessed on consolidated results

  • Audit Committee will need to review audit findings report on results of charity

Absorption accounting
Absorption accounting

  • Applies to Transfer of Functions within the NHS

  • For 2013/14 will affect

    • residual transfers under Transforming Community Services

    • transfers to provider trusts from PCTs

    • in year mergers

  • Separate rules for CCGs

Property plant and equipment
Property, plant and equipment

  • Transfer at existing book value

  • Consider valuation and impairment on receipt

  • Valuation 31 March 2014

Nhse proposals for ccgs
NHSE Proposals for CCGs

  • Disaggregation between CCGs not possible but Transfer Orders still remain valid

    • only PPE and related balances transfer

    • other balances (including continuing care provisions) accounted for by NHSE

  • Clarification required for

    • partially completed spells at year end

    • accounting from 1 April 2014

Sector developments changes under health and social care act maternity pathways

Sector DevelopmentsChanges under Health and Social Care Act Maternity pathways

Maternity services
Maternity Services

  • CCG pay in full for each pathway as it commences

  • Matters to resolve

    • arrangements for patients being treated on 1 April 2013

    • value of work still to be performed at year end

  • Accounting implications

    • provider trusts?

    • CCGs?

Accounting and reporting developments an auditor s perspective

Recurring Themes Judgements and estimatesFinancial resilience and going concernAgreement of balances Income / expenditure recognition Remuneration disclosures

Going concern and financial resilience
Going concern and financial resilience

  • Is the going concern basis appropriate?

    • do you have assurance over cash flows?

    • has support been confirmed where necessary?

  • Are any material uncertainties adequately disclosed?


  • Short and medium term budgets

  • Short and medium term cash flow forecasts

  • Agreed contracts

  • Recent reports from regulatory bodies

Agreement of balances
Agreement of balances

  • Continues to be a difficult area

  • Establishing arrangements with CCGs

  • Treatment of legacy balances from PCTs

  • Is reporting consistent with your knowledge of contract performance and disputes?

  • Do you understand reasons for material reported differences?

Income expenditure recognition
Income / expenditure recognition

  • Provider trusts recognise significant deferred income which isn't matched by commissioners

  • Do you understand, and agree with, judgements taken in respect of

    • income recognition by providers

    • expenditure recognition by commissioners

Remuneration disclosures
Remuneration disclosures

  • Remuneration Report disclosures continue to be a sensitive area

  • Key areas

    • Senior Manager Pay

    • Pay Multiples

    • Severance Pay

    • Off payroll payments

Accounting and reporting developments an auditor s perspective

CCG Update Accounts Direction and Annual Reporting Guidance Working with Service OrganisationsGoverning Body

Accounts direction and annual reporting guidance
Accounts Direction and Annual Reporting Guidance

  • Formal Accounts Direction required to confirm

    • relative status of Guidance against NHS MfA

    • approach to legacy balances

  • No date announced for publication of the final Accounts Direction or ARG

    • very long with considerable duplication

    • sections on Annual Report and Governance are confusing

Governance statements for ccgs
Governance Statements for CCGs

  • NHSE provide template format which covers 1 April 2013 to date accounts signed

  • Key issues to consider

    • are processes adequately disclosed?

    • level of assurance?

    • significance of weaknesses?

When do you need a service organisation report
When do you need a Service Organisation report?

  • Determine whether you are dependent on controls operated by a third party

  • Consider extent of reliance on

    • Commissioning Support Units (CSUs)

    • Shared Business Services (SBS)

    • Electronic Staff Records (ESR)

What should you do
What should you do?

  • Assess quality of assurance taking into account

    • controls operated by entity

    • whether identified controls are considered appropriate

    • items highlighted in service organisation report

    • response by management to any such matters

  • Consider implications for Governance Report

  • Consider external audit findings

Governing body
Governing Body

  • Have arrangements been made for Governing Body to approve the Annual Report and Accounts?

  • What assurance are they seeking from Audit Committee?

What should you do now
What should you do now?

  • How did it work last year?

    • any unpleasant surprises?

    • what would you want done differently?

  • Do you understand key risks raised by auditors?

  • Have you been briefed on major risk areas?

  • Have you agreed timetable?

Final audit committee
Final Audit Committee

  • Are you happy with assurance over

    • Accounts

    • Quality Accounts

    • Governance Statement

    • Annual Report including Remuneration Report

  • Are accounts consistent with in year expectations?

  • Response to external auditors report and in particular response on "unadjusted audit errors"

Where do you get assurance over governance
Where do you get assurance over Governance?

  • Service organisation reports (where applicable)

  • Head of internal audit

  • Board Assurance Framework

  • Clinical Audit

  • External audit progress reports

  • Accountable officer

  • Audit and other Committees