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Prudence International Magazine

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Prudence International Magazine is a leading worldwide African publication devoted to promoting business between the United States, Africa, and Europe.

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Prudence International Magazine promotes Business and Investment between the United States and Africa


Prudential International Magazine is one of the leading publications focusing on African business affairs for the last five years. This magazine connects businesses across Atlantic, between the United States, Africa, and Europe. It is considered one of the most creative people oriented business news source in the entire region, boasting of a publication of more than 53000 across the three continents.


Prudential International Magazine promotes business and investment between the U.S. and Africa. It provides a forum for business-to-business connections through exclusive coverage of businesses with close ties and interests in Africa. Prudential International Magazine also places special focus on activities of several trade organizations including corporate council of Africa and minority business development agency of the United States Chamber of Commerce.


This is the reason this premier magazine is a favorite among corporations and businessmen who have genuine business interests and relationship with the African countries. Because of its rich business content Prudential International Magazine is very popular with the policy makers in the United States and Africa. It has a wide readership span of more than 28000 including CEOs of corporate bodies, professionals, and small to medium businesses.


About Prudence International Magazine

Prudence International Magazine is a leading worldwide African publication devoted to promoting business between the United States, Africa, and Europe. Considered by its readers as "The Pulse of Africa," Prudence International Magazine is in its fifth year of publication and is very popular with policy makers in the United States and Africa. Based in Washington, D.C., Prudence International Magazine is a subscriber-based magazine that is circulated at the Capitol Hill.


The innovative publisher and passionate and dedicated editorial team of the magazine have helped Prudence International Magazine in carving a special niche in the print media industry. By providing accurate information, awareness, and business opportunities to its readers, Prudence International Magazine continues to make tremendous strides, creating positive impact on countless mid-size businesses in the U.S. and Africa.


To subscribe to one of the top-selling business magazines in Africa, and the Unites States, log on to