tips for moving during the holiday season n.
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Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

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Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

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  1. Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

  2. The holiday season is perhaps the most stressful time of the year - for many reasons. Although it’s the time when most people would prefer to relax, it’s also the time when people have the most to do. So, the notion of moving during the chaos of the season seems crazy. However, for some, it’s impossible to postpone a move until after the holiday season. Fortunately, there are ways to make a holiday move as easy and stress-free as possible.

  3. Get into the Holiday Spirit The holiday spirit is infectious, which makes it hard not to catch! Plus, it can help you feel better and alleviate stress. Feeling good can make your move easier and faster, so get into the spirit by baking some cookies and playing holiday music while you pack and move. To inject a little holiday spirit into your moving process, you could also send a holiday-themed moving a nouncementto your friends and family.

  4. Book Your Movers Early Believe it or not, movers are often booked around the holidays. So, to ensure you’re moved on time or before a major holiday like Christmas, book your movers as early as possible. Pro Service Moving are some of the best professional movers Edmonton has to offer, and we can make your holiday moving process fast and efficient. If the holiday season keeps you busy, Pro Service Moving will do all of your labelling and packing, load your furniture and appliances carefully, and safely move everything to its new location.

  5. Keep the Kids Busy Moving with kids can be stressful, but even more so during the holidays. It can make the kids anxious, worried and afraid; afraid that their holidays won’t be fun or even that they might miss out on Christmas presents. You can help your kids feel better by getting them involved in the moving process. Create fun labelling or packing games to get them on board with the move. Let them take charge of labelling, sorting, and packing their own belongings.

  6. Introduce them to the new home before the move and let them see where their things will go and where Santa will bring their presents. Finally, during the move, use holiday-themed activities, toys, and books to keep the kids occupied and happy. Getting set to move? Get your upcoming move off to the best possible start with help from our professional team at Pro Service Moving. Call us today!