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Tips for Surviving Summer Pregnancy

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Tips for Surviving Summer Pregnancy

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  1. Tips for Surviving Summer Pregnancy As your baby bump grows, you may be wondering how you're going to survive the hot summer months.  Here are a few tips to help keep you cool and comfy while you beat the heat this summer. Tip #1Drink lots and lots of water.  You want to be sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day.  Unfortunately, you're probably already making lots of trips to the little girls room, but sipping water all day will help reduce swelling, pregnancy aches and other heat related complications.Tip #2Dress for the occasion.  There are so many darling easy to wear dresses and prego shorts perfect for summer. A maternity tank top, light weight skirt and some comfy sandals are perfect for an outing in the heat.Tip #3Plan a "baby-moon" before your little one arrives.  Take a weekend trip to somewhere cooler or get away and relax at the beach for a few days.  Grab a good book, your bottled water and kick your feet up.  Oh, and don't forget to pack your prenatal vitamins. Tip #4Don't skimp on the sunscreen.  During pregnancy you have higher levels of estrogen , making you more susceptible to melasma (dark splotching of the skin).  You will need to wear an SPF of at least 50 since studies show most of us don't use enough of the lower SPF to provide sufficient protection.  A hat should also be worn for long stretches of sun exposure.

  2. Tips for Surviving Summer Pregnancy Tip #5Give your bump a dunk.  Spend some time in the pool relieving the pressure off of your back and joints while cooling down your core.  Gentle swimming or wading can be a refreshing and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  Don't forget to apply your water proof sunscreen.Tip #6Indulge yourself in some tasty cold treats.  Frozen yogurt, smoothies, fruit Popsicles and cold watermelon are just a few low calorie ways to help keep the heat away.  Shoot, even go for some real ice cream or a yummy snow cone when needed.   Tip #7Stay in the shade or indoors when possible.  Plan to stay in the air conditioning during the hottest times of the day (usually mid afternoon).  Your body temp is extra hot with that baby on board and you want to avoid soaring outdoor temperatures which may increase your risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration.  Stay cool hot mamas and enjoy your summer! Visit us For More Tips: http://www.promiseprenatal.com/

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