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Prolific Energy LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Prolific Energy LLC

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Prolific Energy LLC
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Prolific Energy LLC

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  1. Prolific Energy LLC Provides Stellar Services in Oil and Gas Development Sector

  2. Prolific Energy LLC is aligned with industry leaders • Prolific Energy LLC has been recognized as one of the leading names in the oil and gas development sector. • The company, located in Dallas TX, was founded in 2002 by John Seale with the idea to bring stellar services with the complete integrity towards clients businesses. • It is one of the top choices of oil and gas drilling businesses looking for production portfolio that provides stable returns. • The firm received excellent response for offering unique services in the field of oil and gas field exploration services. • John Seale’ Prolific Energy LLC is a firm empowering and enhancing clients’ businesses with a strong focus on quality and growth, cost advantage for nearly a decade. • At Prolific Energy LLC, John Seale reviews the viability of geological and economic data for drilling programs to bring these programs into the market for proper execution.

  3. John Seale has managed more than 50 drilling programs including pure vertical wells and horizontal wells. • He has been working in the oil and gas industry for more than 18 years which is why Prolific Energy started with a great response. • He has also experienced engineering fracing procedures for tight shale gas plays. The company aims at building a production portfolio for providing fruitful returns. • Mr. Seale has utilized his vast experience and knowledge combined with the use of current technology to follow more conservative approach to management and achieve high returns for the investors. • Their high quality oil and gas drilling programs offer investors excellent benefits. Pre-defined targets achieved by John Seale’ Prolific Energy LLC

  4. Certainly, John Seale is in lead role to make Prolific Energy an achievement other than this he has a strong base of professionals who supported his ideas and worked to bring stable and growing results. • With the deep dedication given by company’s staff comprising of each employee Prolific Energy gained success on business graphs and has brought opportunities in career aspects. • From engineering professionals and technicians to IT and trade professionals, Oil and Gas industry offers employment opportunities for all. • Prolific Energy LLC worked importantly to generate employment opportunities enhancing professional success to experienced tradesmen. Dedicated staff and career opportunities

  5. Address - 13465 Midway rd. # 320, Dallas, Texas, USA Zip Code - 75244 Phone No - 972-991-4400 Fax No - 972-991-4401 Email - Prolific Energy LLCProvides Stellar Services in Oil and Gas Development Sector