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Transformational Workshops PowerPoint Presentation
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Transformational Workshops

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Transformational Workshops
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Transformational Workshops

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  1. Profitune – Leadership Business Management Training Coaching

  2. What We Do For Business Clients We provide formula to our business owner, manager and executive clients for a better level of management performance through :- - Clarify Goals - Transform Thinking -Install New Skills & Knowledge -Coach for Performance -Bigger Profits

  3. What We Do For Business Coaching As we admire the riotous colours in a field of wildflowers, the insects pollinating those flowers are sensitive to ultraviolet light and experience that same field as a very different “reality” to our own; as does the snake beneath our gaze through its heat-sensing organs; and our faithful dog by our side through his monochromatic vision. No riot of colour for the dog, but the smells – oh that ocean of smells! – most of which are lost to our dull human senses. In the scene above, each creature is trapped within the confines of whatever scraps of data its senses can filter from the vast flow of data. The dog’s world lacks our colour but of the light frequencies from extreme ultraviolet to far infrared our human eyes see only a tiny rainbow that is less than one-thousandth of the spectrum present and out of those scraps of data we fashion a model that we are all too ready to insist is “reality”.

  4. Transformational Workshop Topics • Throughout any year we will conduct a range of transformational workshops which address the most common business challenges (and occasionally, we’ll do a workshop dealing with an issue simply because it intrigues us – and is of interest to a sufficient number of business people to justify its existence). • Many of our workshops follow demand created by presentations we have delivered outlining an uncommon way of thinking about common business challenges and include: • Ethical Selling Skills – Feel-good selling skills that pay for themselves instantly! • ServiceMaster – Selling skills and systems for the host of reluctant sellers in service industries (eg, vehicle servicing) • Meeting Halfway – Negotiation like you’ve never seen it before. Faster profits than sales.

  5. Contact Us To Know More About Us Please Enquire Us: Address- PO Box 8917Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726Australia Phone No. - 61 7 5510 3555 Skype - profitcoach