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Fire Rated Board

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ProfireWa offers two types of fire rated board. One of maxlite fire rated board and another of orbit fire rated board. Know more about fire rated board at ProfireWa.

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Fire Rated Board


Maxilite is a lightweight, high performance fire rated board. Maxilite is a calcium silicate based product and is bonded together with non organic binders. It is completely free from asbestos, volatile organic compoutns (VOCs) and ozone depleteing potential (ODP).

Maxilite is an extremely effective insulating refractory board. The board is stable under high temperature stress and remains strong and crack free, even when exposed to fully developed fire.

Due to the lightweight construction of the board, Maxilite is easy to handle and work with, ensuring quick onsite installation, whilst retaining suitable fire performance. Maxilites high fire performance ensure minimal thicknesses are required, hence less material usage and cost.

Maxilite is available in 30mm, 40mm and 60mm thicknesses.


Orbit FR is a strong, lightweight, non combustible 9mm building board designed for use in many fire resistant and general purpose applications.

Orbit FR is a fully tested board that complies with the requirements of AS5601 and is suitable for use in close vicinity to gas appliances such as domestic or commercial cooking equipment, flues & chimneys, range hoods, and open flame barbeques. It is also approved for us as a fire rated wall, ceiling or soffit lining, providing up to 4 hours fire protection as per the Building Code of Australia.

Orbit FR is off-white in colour and has a smooth sanded surface on one face with a lightly textured reverse side. it is a reinforced calcium silicate board and it contains no asbestos.

Orbit FR applications include:-

- Fire rated walls

- Fire rated ceilings

- Fire resistant eave and soffit linings

- Splashbacks

- Close vicinity to gas appliances

Key Features and Benefits:-

- Lightweight

- Non-combustible

- Easy to cut and shape with conventional tools

- Low thermal conductivity

- Up to 4 hour fire rating

- No asbestos

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