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Are you looking for fire rated bell online?\nFire Rated Bell is used to protect house from fire. Fire Rated bell FZ used for security & everyone can use it for own house.\nProfire Wa offers fire rated bell online in Australia. Buy fire rated bell fz online in Australia

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Fire Rated Bell

Are you searching for a BAL FZ Window or Door?

When it comes time to selecting the right system to protect the vulnerable openings of your home to comply with AS 3959-2009 and AS 1530.8.1, the process can become overwhelming.

ProFire WA have teamed up with internationally recognized glass manufacture SCHOTT to finally SIMPLIFY this process Fully supported by a local network.

You are not alone anymore!

Defender Series allows you to protect theses openings of your home with an attractive system which complies, either through a hardwood timber or steel framed Window or Door or choose the slim line Windowshield FZ Vertically Descending Barrier.

BAL FZ Systems Available:

BAL FZ Window Options:

Frames available in Timber or Steel

1: Fixed Fire Rated Window -/30/- (single or double glazed, this is

a stand alone system no screen or FZ Windowshield required)

2: Awning Fire Rated Window paired with Defender Screen -/30/-

3: Sliding Fire Rated Window paired with Defender Screen -/30/-

4: BAL 40 Window paired with a Windowshield VDB

5: Defender Screen (engineered solution)

BAL FZ Door Options:

Frames available in Timber or Steel

1: Hinged Fire Rated Door -/30/- (double & single)

2: Sliding Fire Rated Door -/30/-

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