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Features of Payroll Software

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Features of Payroll Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intelli Payroll software lets you run your payroll from anywhere. Pay your employees, print paychecks, automate tax calculations and many more features you can find in intelli Payroll. The Intelli Payroll Software is available in Desktop Payroll Software and Online Payroll Software or Epayroll.

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features of intellipayroll

Features of Intellipayroll

Prodigy Technologies is a one of the software companies in Pune who has developed a Payroll

Software called Intelli Payroll. The Intelli Payroll Software is available in Desktop Payroll

Software and online payroll software.

Following are the features of Intellipayroll

Attendance Management

Intelli-payroll is 100% Compatible with all swipe card machines. Payroll Software can import data

from any punching machine’s exported excel file. A sample format of attendance can be exported

from the application itself from payroll software.

Leave Management

In Intelli-payroll online payroll software one can define different leave types. These leave types can

be paid or unpaid. If paid they can be encashed or carry forwarded to next year. Separate leave

accounts for different leave types for each employee can be maintained.

statutory compliances by default all statutory

Statutory Compliances

By default, all statutory norms such as PF, PT, ESIC, Tax Slabs, TDS concessions under various

sections, LWF etc. are predefined in the payroll software. PF forms 3A, 6A, 12A, 7, 10, 5, 13, 10,

and 19. ESIC challan, PT challan and MTR 6, Form 16, LWF challan and more are available.

Employee self service portal

In Employee Self Service (ESS) portal employee can apply for leave, reimbursement, and

investment declaration on the go. Employee can generate important reports like pay slips, TDS

Projection. Employee can view list of necessary documents which are to be submitted. He can

submit those documents on a single click.

Reimbursement/ Arrears Calculation

Arrears and recurring arrears can be configured in payroll software which can be taxable or non-

taxable. Arrears and Reimbursements can be imported from an excel file. This helps the user to

save time manually entering data, also it automates the system thus reducing manual errors.

Full and Final Settlement

Full and final settlement of the employee can be initiated. Gratuity can be given. A full and final

settlement statement is printed.

TDS Projection & pay slip Generation

Payroll software calculates TDS automatically. The TDS applicability slab is predefined which can

also be changed. Concessions provided by government under various sections are also configured

& automatically generates Pay slips also.

Appraisal Management

The appraisal can be done in intellipayroll software on predefined parameters. After appraisal each

employee can have their appraisal and salary increment can be automatically done in the system.

New salaries can also be uploaded from an excel file.

Bank statement for direct salary Transfer

With the help of payroll software the employee salary can be deposited in their respective bank

accounts. For this separate bank advices can be generated for each bank with details of employee

name, month and year, bank account name, amount to be deposited.

Multiple Salary Structure

ayroll Software is also used as salary calculator. 'N' number of salary structures can be defined in

payroll software. salary structure is then associated with an employee class, employees belonging to

this class will automatically get the linked salary structure.