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Barcode System

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barcode system

Barcode System

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  • What is barcode?
  • Structure of barcode
  • Types of barcodes
  • Linear and 2D barcodes
  • Types of linear barcode
  • Types of 2D barcode
  • How to design barcode?
  • How to print barcode?
  • Generate barcode printer
  • Barcode readers
  • Types of barcode readers
  • Benefits of barcodes
  • Price and barcodes
  • Application of barcodes
  • References

what is barcode
What is Barcode?

A barcode is an optical machine readable representation of data, which includes products information and attached on products. Barcode includes bars with varying widths and spaces between bars and contains number called barcode value.

basic structure or barcode
Basic Structure or Barcode

types of barcodes
Types of Barcodes

Barcode is optical machine readable code which

contains a group of thick and thin lines called bars.

There are two types of barcodes

  • Linear barcodes
  • 2D barcodes

linear barcodes
Linear Barcodes

A first generation, "one dimensional" barcode that includes

Lines and spaces of various widths that create specific

patterns. Linear Barcode encodes data in 1D. Linear barcode

included single row of black and white bars. Data is encoded

in width and space between bars not the length.

types of linear barcode
Types of linear barcode

UPC- UPC is Universal Product Code used in U.S and Canada for retail and

warehousing industry product identification. UPC is fixed length of twelve digit

including numbers. Types- UPC-A, UPC-E

EAN- EAN is European Article Numbering code developed in North America . It was

developed as a supermarket of UPC. It is 1D code which is used for product of retail

industry. It includes 13 or 8 digit number. It includes extra digit on start of every UPC

number. Types- EAN-8, EAN-13

Codabar- Codabar was developed by Pitney Bowes in 1972. This type of barcode is

discrete, self checking symbology. It encodes 16 different characters and 4 start/ stop

characters. Types- Coad-11, Code-39, Code 128

images of linear barcodes
Images of linear barcodes

UPC Barcode Images-


EAN-Barcode Images-


CodaBar Images-

2d barcodes
2D Barcodes

Second Generation, Two dimensional barcodes

that stores information in both X-Y axis means

horizontally and vertically.It is also called matrix

code represent information in two dimensional

way. It stores more data per unit area.

types of 2d barcodes
Types of 2D Barcodes

Aztec code- Aztec is a matrix symbology which supports the entire ASCII character set

and offers several error checking modes. Aztec symbols are square and may be read at

any orientation.

Data Matrix Code- DataMatrix is a two dimensional matrix symbology. Which includes

finder pattern.

Double digits – maximum capacity 3100 digits

Alphanumeric text – maximum capacity 2300 characters*

Byte values – maximum capacity 1550 bytes

QR-Code-QR Code is a matrix symbology containing of a square array of modules with

a finder pattern located at three corners. A wide range of symbol sizes is supported

along with four levels of error correction, and the symbology is noted for its high data


images of 2d barcode
Images of 2D barcode

(DATA-Matrix code)

(QR Code)

(Databar Omni Barcode)

(Aztec Barcode)

how to generate barcodes
How to Generate Barcodes?

To design product labels we need a user friendly application for generating


DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software facilitates users to create product labels

with different text font symbologies like linear and 2d. This software provides

simplified way to design multiple price tags of various shape and size.

multi features of barcode software
Multi Features of Barcode Software
  • Design and print barcode labels using Linear and 2D font
  • Print multiple barcode images on single paper
  • Use line, text, picture, arc, circle to create custom barcode images
  • Support batch process series feature to create barcode list in sequential, random, constant manner
  • Save designed barcode images in different image formats like jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, , png etc
  • Provide option to create new or edit in existing barcode image
  • Facilitates to add picture, text, signature, header and footer on labels
  • Allow to customized bar density and length
  • Support inbuilt email setting to send generated barcode images
  • Provide an option to change background setting, color setting

how to print barcode labels
How to print Barcode Labels?

First design your product labels using DRPU Barcode

Label Maker Software and then attach a good quality

printer to pc or laptop device. Print barcode labels by

giving print command and designed barcode labels are


DRPU Barcode Software is compatible with all printers

which are available in market.

types of barcode printers
Types of Barcode Printers



barcode scanner
Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is electronic device specialized for reading barcodes by

converting bars into digital data. It consists light source, a lens and a light

sensor which translate optical impulses into electrical ones.

types of barcode scanner
Types of Barcode scanner
  • Pen-type scanner
  • Laser scanner
  • CCD scanner
  • Camera based scanner
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • Cell phone camera and Smartphone scanner
  • Video camera reader

advantages of barcode
Advantages of Barcode
  • Represent product uniquely for identification
  • Error free data entry
  • Manage products effectively
  • Real time data collection
  • Accurate dispatch
  • Save time and reduce manual data input

application of barcode
Application of Barcode
  • Health care industry- ensure accurate dosage and treatment.
  • Library and publishing industry- manage books and logging borrowers
  • Retail Sector- Speed up checkouts and ordering, control business inventory.
  • Bank and Post office- Recording trabsactions without error.
  • Travel- speed up checkout, making tickets, ensure safety