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What makes google on top of search engines PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes google on top of search engines

What makes google on top of search engines

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What makes google on top of search engines

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  1. What Makes Google On Top Of Search Engines

  2. A lot of SEO professionals really don’t get the real complexity of things regarding SEO on Google and why it’s so much different doing SEO works on this particular search engine as compared to the other ones. Google’s ranking engine is called Page Rank and it’s a system made of equations we commonly hear of as algorithm. It’s continually growing and as it grows strong and steady, it becomes more and more difficult to solve. No person outside the search engine company what this algorithm is and the elements that make these things up therefore we just end up guessing our SEO works.

  3. A lot of SEO professionals have done so much testing and research and have discovered some elements to this algorithm. Most of these elements are now being manipulated by SEO experts and web developers and they simply can’t be tricked. One example is the age of the website. It’s the biggest element that can affect the ranking but can’t really be manipulated. Google’s reason behind all these things is that with the growing number of spamming websites and fake affiliate websites are getting the attention of most people and these websites tend to close within a year. Therefore it has been thought by SEO communities there’s a certain time in a year where Google applies ranking restrictions. This is done to stop well optimized websites from coming and going which ends up cluttering Google’s site index.

  4. This is true particularly at high traffic keywords. According to experts, restrictions only happen for those keywords that have over 5, 000 monthly search volumes. For those keywords that have less than 5, 000 monthly search volumes, these restrictions don’t seem to happen. At least for now, this is one element that should be looked at. If you are running your website and you are not sure how to make it through the great search engine battle, you really should ask and go for experts. They know what to do and have a lot of experience regarding the twists and turns of search engine optimization. You should not throw your money not knowing where you’re heading. It’s best that you entrust all these meticulous analysis and methods to those who know how Google thinks at the least.

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