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Det går pænt stærkt !

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Det går pænt stærkt !. Tony Franck Senior Solution Manager. Hitachi Accelerated Flash. Hitachi accelerated flash configuration for performance hungry customers. Storage Flash based on Hitachi Accelerated Flash Good for read AND write Flash Module Drives with embedded controllers

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Det går pænt stærkt !

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    det g r p nt st rkt


    Tony Franck

    Senior Solution Manager

    hitachi accelerated flash configuration for performance hungry customers
    Hitachi accelerated flashconfiguration for performance hungry customers
    • Storage Flash based on Hitachi Accelerated Flash
    • Good for read AND write
    • Flash Module Drives with embedded controllers
    • This solution delivers up to 1.000.000 IOPs
    • Capacity up to 3,2 TB x 96 = 300 TB
    flash module drive

    Complements SSD and HDD

    New flash enclosure contains up to 12 flash modules

    Shared resource to SAN

    Like HDD and SSD

    Unlike server-side cache

    Flash module drives

    1.6TB or 3.2TB per flash module

    Up to 8 flash enclosures – more than 300TB of flash!



    hitachi accelerated flash is really fast
    Hitachi Accelerated Flash is really fast

    HDS HUS VM Delivers High Performance of 1.000.000 IOPS – all below 1 ms.


    hitachi unified storage vm
    • Optimized for Flash performance
    • Unified ready
    • Enterprise Virtualization capable
    virtualize unify and manage all data
    Virtualize, unify and manage all data

    Serving flash performance and enterprise quality

    • Use for All-Flash and consolidated storage
    • Virtualization provides centralized storage services
    • Extend capabilities to your existing storage
    • Unify to manage both block and file seamlessly




    Storage Virtualization System

    File Services

    Internal Storage


    External Storage


    external storage virtualization
    External Storage Virtualization
    • Creates a virtual storage pool
    • Centralizes day-to-day administration
    • Enables new features on older storage systems including tiering
    • Simple migration




    Microsoft® Windows®



    HUS VM




    software defined data center
    Software-Defined Data Center

    Cloud Management Frameworks

    UCP Director

    UCP Director Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration





    Element Management




    Hardware Elements

    + Virtualized Storage

    hitachi unified compute platform
    Hitachi Unified Compute Platform
    • Fastest time to production

    Automated end-to-end operations - all in one tool: VmwarevCenter

    Fast: Deploy in < 5 days

    Run virtualized or non virtualized (bare metal) applications on one platform

    Fast: 26 mins - from new blade added into chassis to running application

    One source for all your support including VMware vSphere

    the ucp value its about the software experience



    THE UCP ValueIts about the software experience

    End to End physical to virtual monitoring, provisioning and overall orchestration on best in class heterogeneous hardware and software

    3 click storage provisioning

    Hardware Topology

    Hardware / firmware patching

    Multi-system/ Site monitoring

    End to End hardware performance monitoring

    IntegratedDisaster Recovery

    Proactive and reactive alerting

    End to endstorage provisioning

    Virtual or Physical host OS provisioning

    End to endnetwork provisioning

    Native Integration to…

    why sap hana speed
    Why SAP HANA? – SPEED!
    • SAP HANA is an in-memory database that processes business data in real time
    • Faster queries
      • >300x faster database response time
      • In seconds or minutes not hours or days
    • Businesses can
      • React in real-time to events
      • Make faster decisions
      • Drive more value from data

    Query Run-Time Comparison

    hitachi ucp for sap hana scalability and fault tolerance for your core applications
    Hitachi UCP for SAP HANAScalability and fault tolerance for your core applications

    The Hitachi Compute Blade servers offer features such as the

    Hitachi Symmetric Multi-Processing Feature


    Hitachi multi-blade SMP interconnect technology, provides to scale up the resources from 4 blades to achieve a single 8-socket (80/120 core) SMP system with 6 TB of memory per SMP environment.





    Front view

    ucp for sap hana runs faster and scales better
    UCP for SAP HANA – Runs Faster and Scales Better

    Why UCP for SAP HANA?

    • Grow from small to large scale
    • Robust data protection to ensure business continuity
    • High performance with flash and FC storage for fast access to data
    • First OEM vendor to offer SAP HANA software license

    UCP for SAP HANA, Scale Out

    Scale out to 16 or 56TB for SAP BW analytics

    Tier 1 persistent storage, DR and backup

    • Large Nodes
    • 1024GB

    Scale out

    • Medium Nodes
    • 512GB

    UCP for SAP HANA, Scale Up

    • Large++: 4096GB

    HANA in a box solutions for both SAP Business Suite and test and dev./QA or BW

    Fibre Channel HUS storage with 99.999% availability

    • Large+: 2048GB
    • Large: 1024GB
    • Medium: 512GB
    • Small: 256GB
    hitachi ucp for oracle
    Hitachi UCP for Oracle
    • Flexible, fast and cost competitive for mission critical, transactional workloads

    High IOPS and low response time compared to other solutions

    Symmetric multi processing (SMP) enabled X86 servers scale to increase performance

    One management software for server and storage

    Full integration to Oracle OEM, RMAN and OVM for easy management

    hitachi ucp for oracle scalability grow to handle new business requirements
    Hitachi UCP for OracleScalability – grow to handle new business requirements

    Scale Up | Flash Storage Capacity

    • Available flash card capacities:

    384 GB | 720 GB | 1200 GB | 3000 GB

    • Up to 192 TB flash storage inside the PCIe bus

    384 GB to 24 TB in the server systems

    384 GB to 48 TB in the 1st Flash Storage Container

    384 GB to 48 TB in the 2nd Flash Storage Container

    384 GB to 48 TB in the 3rd Flash Storage Container

    384 GB to 48 TB in the 4th Flash Storage Container

    unified compute platform for oracle
    Unified Compute Platform for Oracle

    Taking the example of an Oracle query from a real customer case


    26 Hours

    47 Minutes

    50% fewer cores for similar performance dramatically reduces license costs

    42 Minutes

    Best competitor




    Numberofusedcores(Relevant aspects of Oracle licenses, power consumption, cooling, etc)

    80 Cores

    Best competitor

    160 Cores

    List price of the used configuration(Total cost included maintenance over 3 years)

    $ 523.391

    Best competitor

    $ 4.579.200