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Consult Wiz

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Consult Wiz. When consults are entered into HEO/Wiz order entry system the ordering physician selects a priority. All priority selections send ordering information to a StarPanel Work list (instructions to access on following slides).

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Consult Wiz

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consult wiz
Consult Wiz

When consults are entered into HEO/Wiz order entry system the ordering physician selects a priority.

All priority selections send ordering information to a StarPanel Work list (instructions to access on following slides).

Emergent or Urgent status requests will send page to Consult Pager 24 X 7

Routine requests will generate pages between 8a-5p only. The Consult MD will need to routinely check the Consult Worklist each morning to retrieve routine consults sent over night.


pager management
Pager Management

The physician with the “virtual pager” for consults will receive a page notification.

When you begin service coverage, you need to call the Operator and ask for the pager number for your particular service be forwarded to your pager number.

If you continue to get pages after going off call, you need to remind the person who took over for you to forward the virtual pager to the new pager number.

accessing the consult data from starpanel
Accessing the Consult Data from StarPanel

The following slides show how to access the Worklist and some of the features that are available for use.

If you need assistance over and above this brief information, contact the Help Desk at 3-34357 (3-HELP) and ask for the person on call for Inpatient Support.





Choose a consult service

From the black menu bar, click:

1.Patient List

2. Consults

3. Choose a consult service


Click the Appropriate Service. Ex. Cardiology, CHF

A list of patients from the service you selected will display with various options to choose from


Sort by date:

May sort list top down or bottom up

Options in the Header

Select a Service:

Service is displayed with number of entries to view. Remember the greater the number of entries the longer it will take to load the page

Cutoff older than:

patients automatically drop off after one month or no cutoff date.


Customizing Your Consult View





  • To customize your Consult view:
  • Click on the blue link “Columns”
  • Select which columns you want to display (bolded options are active)
  • Click “Apply” to save changes
  • Ex. “Loc” is bolded. Pt’s room location displays on far right side of screen.

Remove a Consult Entered in Error

  • Once the order is entered, there is no way to prevent the beep from going to consulting physician.
  • Call the consulting service physician to notify the consult was ordered in error.
  • Discontinue the Consult order in WIZ/HEO.
  • Correct the Consult list in StarPanel (See next slide for Correcting Consult ordered in error)

Removing a Consult Entered in Error – Cont.






  • To Remove a consult entered in error:
  • Locate the consult you want to address in StarPanel.
  • Click request.
  • Request to delete options will appear in the lower frame.
  • Fill in as much information possible
  • Click “Send request to Medical Services (Note: Consult will not be deleted until reviewed by MIS)

Actions Menu:

Action options available from this worklist are same as from other parts of StarPanel. (Note: Your Action options may differ from these, they are user specific)

To add a consult patient to a panel:

Select “AddToPanel”. (You’ll then get to select the name of a panel to which you want these patients added. )


Copy Function

  • To copy multiple patients to a panel at one time:
  • Fill in check boxes of patients you want to copy.
  • Click on the blue Actions link.
  • Click “AddToPanel”.