It takes more than a village
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It Takes More than a Village:. Expanding Engagement Opportunities in Teacher Education Programs. Katherine A. Rhoades, Founding Dean and Professor Emerita College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Workshop Goals, Guiding Questions and Format. What?

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It takes more than a village

It Takes More than a Village:

Expanding Engagement Opportunities in Teacher Education Programs

Katherine A. Rhoades, Founding Dean and Professor Emerita

College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Workshop goals guiding questions and format
Workshop Goals, Guiding Questions and Format

  • What?

  • So what?

  • What’s next?

It takes more than a village

We need to think more seriously than ever before about how we encourage people

to focus on productive outcomes that advance and unite civilization—peaceful

imaginations that “seek to minimize alienation and celebrate interdependence

rather than self-sufficiency, inclusion rather than exclusion...”

(p. 443, Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century,

Farrar, Strauss & Giroux. New York: 2005).

Student engagement in teacher education
Student Engagement in Teacher Education

  • Service Learning

  • Undergraduate student/faculty collaborative research

It takes more than a village
Top 10 Ten Reasons to Do Service Learning and UndergraduateStudent/Faculty Research in Teacher Education

Positively affects students’

  • Personal development, identity, and efficacy

  • Interpersonal development, leadership, and communication skills

  • Sense of social responsibility, citizenship skills, and commitment to service

Contributes to
Contributes to—

  • Challenging stereotypes and facilitating understanding across difference

  • Impacting academic outcomes such as problem analysis and critical thinking

  • Assisting with career development

  • Enhancing student/faculty relationships

And leads to
And leads to—

  • Creating long-term effects

  • Building community

  • Linking theory with practice and demonstrating the

    Relevance of both

It takes more than a village

#11 You can present and publish your service-learning scholarship in the literature of your own discipline or in the service-learning field!

Evidence based research
Evidence-based research

National Service-learning Clearinghouse Factsheet--

At a Glance summarizes findings from service-learning research

in higher education from 1993-2000 and includes an annotated bibliography

Alexander Astin and associates longitudinal study

It takes more than a village
___ _ ____

Key findings in educational research of successful

programs in teacher education

  • Immersion experiences tend to have greater impact

  • Experiences need to be well-organized and carefully guided and supervised by faculty

  • Reflection is an essential component

  • Experience needs to be co-extensive with what students are learning in the classroom

  • Institution must support service-learning in theory, action, and the “bottom line”

It takes more than a village

Examples from the teacher education program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, winner of the National “Best Practice” Award for Service-learning, 2004American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)

What s next
What’s next? University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,

When the ants unite their mouths,

they can carry an elephantAfrican proverb

It s your turn
It’s your turn… University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,

  • What successful student engagement activities have your department,

    college, or university launched?

  • What promising possibilities for student engagement will you pursue

    when you return to your home institution?

  • What challenges do you think you will encounter?

  • What strategies will you use to overcome the identified challenges?

  • What two specific things can you do during the first week you return to

    your institution to assure that you will begin to launch your plan of


Additional resources
Additional University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, resources

Campus Compact—a national organization of over nearly 1,000 college and university


Wisconsin Campus Compact—supports civic learning and service-learning in Wisconsin

National Service Learning Clearinghouse—a first stop for information on service-learning

and civic learning

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Service Learning page

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Center for Excellence in Faculty/Undergraduate

Student Collaborative Research

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