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My 7 Wonders

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My 7 Wonders. Vanessa Alferez. The Hanging Gardens. The hanging gardens of Babylon

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my 7 wonders

My 7 Wonders

Vanessa Alferez

the hanging gardens
The Hanging Gardens
  • The hanging gardens of Babylon
  • The hanging gardens is a huge palace garden that a king had built for his queen to stay. It has everything just like a beautiful forest. It has fruits exotic animals fruits and everything else she can possibly ask for.
  • The Garden is located in On the east bank of the River Euphrates, about 50 km south of Baghdad, Iraq.
  • the person that commanded it to be built was the king of Hammurabi his son . It is said that the Gardens were built by Nebuchadnezzar to please his wife or concubine who had been “brought up in Media and had a passion for mountain surroundings”.
  • It is a wonder to me because it is beautiful and its story of how it was built is so cute!
the barrier reef
The Barrier Reef
  • The Great Barrier reef
  • The Great barrier Reef is a reef home to thousands of plants and animals
  • It is located in the coral Sea of the cost of Queens island in North east Australia
  • The Great Barrier Reef Natural and is the worlds largest coral System.
the temple of artemis
The Temple Of Artemis
  • Temple of Artemis
  • The Temple of Artemis is a Greek temple and was made for a goddess.
  • It was located in Ephesus but they made a model of it that is in Turkey.
  • the temple was destroyed by a flood and was rebuilt. It took 10 years to complete.
  • I consider it a wonder because the original was so beautiful to me.
the statue of zeus
The Statue Of Zeus
  • The Statue of Zeus in Olympia
  • The Statue was made in 432 BC by an artist Phidias.
  • It stands 43 Feet tall sitting down. If the were to built him standing up he will unroofed the Temple.
  • I consider it a seven wonder because I love Zeus and all the other gods and goddess.
the temple of zeus olympia
The Temple of Zeus, Olympia
  • The Temple of Zeus, Olympia
  • The Temple was made in
  • The Temple Represents A court Area For The Greek Gods.
  • The Temple Of Zeus is considered a Seven Wonder to me because Of its Amazing Structure.
tyga 3
  • Tyga Is a Male Rapper.
  • He is from the group YMCMB.
  • He is famous because of his songs and his amazing lyrics.
  • His partners are everyone from Nikki Minaj to LIL Wayne
  • He is considered a Seven Wonder to me because He is an amazing Rapper!!!
the northern lights
The Northern Lights
  • The Northern Lights are also called the aurora borealis.
  • They Are best viewed in northern climates.
  • The Northern Lights Are Shinning colorful Lights across the night Sky.
  • They Something that humans cant make our explain , There all Nature/Natural
  • The Northern Lights are A seven wonder to me because they are so amazing and unexplainable.!
  • The Sources Of the information that I have used for my seven wonders PowerPoint are from The following
  • Google
  • And How StuffWorks?.com