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REPORTING TO CEDAW. PACIFIC WOMEN’S WATCH (NEW ZEALAND) Reporting to the 39 th session of the CEDAW Committee. Profile of the Committee. 23 members from around the world who are experts on women’s issues States nominate members who are

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reporting to cedaw




Reporting to the 39th session of the

CEDAW Committee

profile of the committee
Profile of the Committee
  • 23 members from around the world who

are experts on women’s issues

  • States nominate members who are

elected to for a 4-year term serve as

independent experts

  • Currently 5 sessions each year meeting

in 2 review panels

  • Individual State reports are heard in

one day

process for gathering data for the ngo report
Process for Gathering data for the NGO Report
  • Review Committee’s Concluding Comments to the New Zealand government on its previous report
  • Identify continuing gaps in implementation

of outstanding discriminatory issues

  • Hold discussion forums and workshops with groups of women most affected by continuing discrimination to:

(1) hear their concerns

(2) find solutions to their needs through suggested legislation and policy changes

achieving a broad based approach
Achieving a broad-based approach
  • Review proposed legislation and policy
  • Make submissions and lobby for


  • Design a questionnaire for response

across a broad cross-section of women

to report how they are faring in their


preparing the ngo report
Preparing the NGO Report
  • Write in clear, understandable language
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Prepare the final draft within a few

months of the Government Report

being published

preparing the ngo report cont
Preparing the NGO Report (cont.)
  • Write a concise Executive


  • Prepare a series of questions the

committee may choose to


  • Print the NGO Report with a

distinctive cover and easy to read


preparing the ngo report cont7
Preparing the NGO Report (cont.)
  • Seek advice from IWRAW on

appropriateness of content

  • Post the report on the IWRAW web site
  • Ask IWRAW to send the Executive

Summary and Questions the Committee

may choose to consider to New York before

the Committee’s Pre-session Working Group


transparency and consultation
Transparency and Consultation
  • Be transparent – a “no surprises”


  • Seek comment on the Report from all those who are interested:

(1) Ministry of Women’s Affairs

(2) Agencies and organisations

who contributed material

publish an addendum
Publish an Addendum
  • One month before the CEDAW

session begins write an update

Addendum on the issues

highlighted in the NGO report

  • Ask all contributors if they have

new information and data

  • Include only new material
publish an addendum cont
Publish an Addendum (cont.)
  • Send the Addendum by email to
  • Make the Addendum available to the

Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the

Minister before they depart for New


  • Take to New York at least 40 copies to

distribute to Committee members

atthe start of the session

outcomes of the report preparatory process
Outcomes of the Report preparatory process
  • Contributors feel an ownership of

the Alternative NGO Report

  • The Minister and Ministry are

assisted in moving forward the

agenda to improve the status of New

Zealand women

  • The CEDAW Committee is already

aware of the issues still critical to New

Zealand Women

presenting the report at the cedaw session
Presenting the Report at the CEDAW session
  • Choose representatives who are

completely familiar with the issues you

are bringing to the Committee

  • Participate at the IWRAW Workshop

From Global to Local

  • Distribute a copy of the NGO Report to

all Committee members at the start of

the session

presenting the report at the cedaw session cont
Presenting the Report at the CEDAW session (cont)
  • Before the session begins prepare

a short oral statement – polish it at

the Workshop

  • It is most important to present

your critical concerns in the oral

statement to the Committee clearly

in a very short time

presenting the report at the cedaw session cont14
Presenting the Report at the CEDAW session (cont)
  • Before the Government Report is

presented give all Committee members a

copy of the Questions you wish them to ask

your Government

  • Talk with Committee members about your

concerns whenever possible, especially

those with an interest in the kinds of issues

you wish to have included in the

concluding comments to the government

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Complete the Report in good time
  • Publish an update to the Report just

before the session

  • Prepare statements and questions

very thoroughly

  • Focus on a small number of critical


  • Lobby the Experts during the session –

they want to hear from the NGOs